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Experience Chooses Fairbanks Tundra Truck ScaleJune 26, 2017

The Tundra design is just like a highway bridge – something in which he has a great deal of expertise. Massive main girders supporting a concrete deck is similar in design to the highway bridges our customer builds and he recognized the differences in our product as compared to others. Other competitors did not present a design he trusted, but simply focused on […]

Fairbanks Trident: A Proven, Strategically Special Scale White PaperJune 26, 2017

It is not uncommon to find our competitors focusing the sales dialog on the virtues of a steel deck truck scale. Most of the time, they will lead with a quick-to-install, low cost steel deck product. While steel deck scales have their value, cutting through the competitive noise makes you more successful and puts you in a position […]

TensileCore Engineered Concrete White PaperJune 26, 2017

In just about any application, a concrete deck truck scale is a better long-term solution than a steel deck scale. When was the last time you drove across a steel bridge on the highway? Chances are every bridge you see is made of concrete. Strength, surface wear, maintenance needs and cost make concrete the best material for bridges. A […]

QuickSilver Bench Scale meets all demands of Gulf Coast supermarket chainJune 26, 2017

Along America’s Gulf Coast, from Gulf Shores, Ala., to Layfayette, La., you will find locations for regional supermarket chain, Rouses Food Market. From its beginnings, Rouses has prided itself on providing customers with local fare such as Louisiana grass-fed beef, Chappapeela pork, Mississippi Lamb, Boudin and Andouille sausages, and locally grown fruits and vegetables. With more than 50 stores in three states, Rouses shares […]

PDQ Scale White PaperJune 26, 2017

An area Sales manager (ASM) had developed a relationship with a local pipe company and uncovered an opportunity to help them with a scale solution. The pipe manufacturer had no means to confirm product / shipping weight. They were purchasing steel coils based on weight so they needed a scale to confirm the weight of the coils. This […]

An Innovative Solution White PaperJune 26, 2017

The cost for hand-harvesting operations has steadily increased over the years without regard to the delivered-in price that growers receive. Growers spend more money on harvesting operations than for all other production costs combined, including fertilizers, sprays, irrigation and weed control. This cost squeeze, created by increasing costs and a constant or decreasing price for […]

Coal Tar Undercoating White PaperJune 26, 2017

In 2001, the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) released a study that calculated the cost of corrosion to the United States economy. According to this study, rust costs nearly $280 billion dollars per year. These costs come from maintenance, repair and replacement of equipment. Taking the advice from the NACE report, demand that your OEM can provide corrosion prevention technologies. […]

Measuring Irregular and Small ObjectsMay 3, 2017

iDimension Series version firmware (NTEP pending) is now available for download. This version enhances dimensioning performance with irregular shaped objects and items measuring less than two inches in height. Read more about the iDimension firmware here.

Connecting an iDimension 100 to UPS WorldShip SoftwareMay 3, 2017

Connecting an iDimension 100 Series to UPS Worldship requires your unit to have software version or later to be installed. When connecting to UPS Worldship or any software that interfaces to a Cubiscan 100 or 110, it is required to transmit the weight and dimensions to the software program. A compatible shipping scale must […]

The Difference Between Open and Closed End Service White PaperApril 17, 2017

Open-end service is the most typical type of service that is provided in the industrial weighing service industry. It is service that is paid for as the service is required, also known as “pay as you go.” The service may consist of periodic inspections that are pre-scheduled to your specific needs and requirements. It is […]

IP69K White PaperApril 17, 2017

What is IP69K? Is this a concern for me? If so, how can I be

Best Practices White PaperApril 17, 2017

SO, YOU OWN A TRUCK SCALE for commercial purposes.
Since your purchase, have you become an expert in the scale’s
operation and maintenance? Unlikely since your day-to-day
operations keep you focused on generating revenue, not
worrying about your scale’s maintenance, repair and
operation. So, to help you focus on your business, here is
your guide to proven best practices you can quickly implement
and keep your scale operational as long as possible with
minimal expense.

Scale Maintenance White PaperApril 17, 2017

Do not be fooled by service companies selling scale maintenance agreements that lack focus on calibration. Calibration is the most important component of any periodic maintenance program.

DimensioningNovember 17, 2016

Dimensional weight, often referred to as dim weight, reflects the package’s density—the amount of space the package utilizes in relation to its weight. To determine dim weight, a package’s length, width and height are multiplied, resulting in its cubic size, and then divided by 166 for domestic or 139 for international shipments. Read more about […]

Time Flies at Tilcon, Thanks to the Automated Ticketing SystemsNovember 2, 2016

Tilcon owns and operates dozens of quarries, asphalt and recycling plants, water terminals, and highway construction divisions, in New York and New Jersey.  At the Mount Hope Quarry alone they weigh hundreds of trucks on a busy day. Advance Scale Company, Inc., Rockaway, N.J., has installed Automated Ticketing Systems (ATS) on the truck scales to […]

Check the (Load Cell) Pockets to Compare Truck ScalesNovember 2, 2016

You are not looking for loose change when you check the load cell pockets to compare truck scales.  Instead, you’re looking at a possible major expense—the cost of downtime if the load cell pockets are welded or bolted on instead of incorporated into the overall weighbridge design. The ends of the scale modules are one […]

Aloha Automation with Rice Lake’s Programmable Indicators and Quality Control ScaleNovember 2, 2016

Hawaii is the land of luaus, leis and lava, but is is also home to the only fully-automated QUIKRETE® manufacturing facility in the United States. Bonded Materials is located on the scenic island of Oahu, the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands.

Truck Scale to Weigh Trucks after Offloading from Rail Cars on RailwayNovember 2, 2016

Reliable rail transportation brings in asphalt materials to the Valley Asphalt Company’s scale location near Cincinnati, Ohio. This truck scale solution weighs the trucks once the product has been off-loaded from the rail carts and into the trucks for further processing. The Clients- Valley Asphalt Company near Cincinnati, Ohio The Challenge -Truck scale to weigh […]

Replacing Previous Scale in a Gravel Pit LocationNovember 2, 2016

The Customer – ConAgra Foods, Morrell, Ohio location The Challenge -Replacing a previous scale in a gravel pit location. The Solution – Brechbuhler Scales’ Mansfield, Ohio branch led the project. Working directly with ConAgra Foods to design a scale to fit the existing location, the turn-key project was completed from start to finish by BSI […]

Steel Processing Warehouse Weighs for Stock and Shipment SimultaneouslyNovember 2, 2016

B-TEK Clydesdale Floor Scales can be fabricated in many sizes and capacities for different scale needs. Above ground or pit type Cydesdales are available with optional ramps, bump ramps, detachable or integral columns and many indicator options. The Customer – Steel Processing Warehouse The Challenge -Weighing materials for stock and shipment at the same time. […]

Gowen Ocean Sails LTD and Lloyd Use the LR100K Plus to Test Webbings Used in High Load Areas of SailsNovember 2, 2016

Gowen Ocean Sails Ltd and materials testing machine manufacturer Lloyd Instruments have collaborated on the testing of webbings used in high load areas of sails that are manufactured for very large ocean going yachts. Tests were carried out using the LR100K Plus twin column materials testing machine. Definitive information on the durability and strength of the […]

Selecting a Testing, Calibration or Measurement SupplierNovember 1, 2016

When selecting a supplier to fulfill your testing, calibration or measurement needs, you need to be sure that they can supply you with accurate and reliable results.  Whilst a laboratory can reassure you that they are technically competent, or you can attempt to evaluate the service yourself, neither provides you with confidence that you have […]

The Benefits of Buying LocalNovember 1, 2016

Businesses are turning to the Internet for a wide variety of purchases, including scales. Although convenient and sometimes less expensive, online purchases can be misleading. Knowing exactly what is being purchased from the Internet is essential— especially if the scale is going to be used in buying, selling or shipping applications. The scale may be […]

SOLAS RegulationsNovember 1, 2016

In the case of cargo carried in a container*, except for containers carried on a chassis or a trailer when such containers are driven on or off a ro-ro ship engaged in short international voyages as defined in regulation III/3, the gross mass according to paragraph 2.1 of this regulation shall be verified by the […]

Packaging Testing SolutionsJuly 12, 2016

Testing packaging requires an extremely versatile materials testing system due to the varying requirements applicable to the different materials. Some of the most common test types within packaging testing are tensile strength, friction,tearing strength, compression, peel and puncture. A single test system will allow you to use one machine for all types of packaging tests, […]

PackagingJuly 12, 2016

Standard Description ASTM D4577 This test method is designed to determine the resistance of a shipping container to a vertically applied constant load for either a specified time or to failure. The test method may also, include, for example, a package of a shipping container, palletized or unitized loads. ASTM D7030 This test method covers […]

Making a Drum Scale Mobile with Attached Ramp for Easier Loading and UnloadingFebruary 23, 2016

The Clients – Warehouses, manufacturing facilities and all customers with portability needs The Challenge – To make a drum scale mobile with an attached ramp for easier drum loading and unloading The Solution – B-TEK Scales transforms a standard drum scale with a set of casters to make the scale mobile and attached indicator column and hinged […]

National Transportation Company Shipping Service Needs Standardized National Service and Scale Solution for each TerminalNovember 21, 2011

A national transportation company has a shipping service as part of their service offerings.  Since they charge by weight, they needed a standardized scale solution for each of their thousands of shipping terminals.  Since they ship products nearly every day, they need access to fast in-house repair service and new scales.