Scale Rental for All Needs

Posted on July 10, 2018

NSM just finished our largest rental of the year where we rent 68 dual counting scales to a local vehicle manufacturer for their inventory needs.  They use portable dual counting scales that have a smaller, 50 lb capacity counting scale at the top of the column that they use to get a per-piece weight of the samples.  Then the large 1,000 lb capacity bases are used to count the bulk items for the inventory counts.  The scales are on wheels so they can be moved to different locations throughout their facilities to do inventory counts.  We do delivery and pick up to 4 different physical locations for the customer, and we have a Technician on-site over the weekend the inventory takes place to assist the users if they have questions on how to use the scales or if any scales need calibration or repair during their inventory counts.  There are so many scales in this rental that we have to use a large box truck with a lift gate both to deliver and pick them up.  With one of the largest rental scale fleets in the country, we are capable of handling most rental needs from inventory counts to truck and vehicle weighing, overhead weighing or even just a short term scale need.