TensileCore Engineered Concrete White Paper

Posted on June 26, 2017

In just about any application, a concrete deck truck scale is a better long-term solution than a steel deck scale. When was the last time you drove across a steel bridge on the highway? Chances are every bridge you see is made of concrete. Strength, surface wear, maintenance needs and cost make concrete the best material for bridges. A truck scale no different, it is simply a bridge. With scale deck slab thicknesses of 4” to 8”, there is no comparison to ¼” or even ½” steel plate. Concrete doesn’t rust, bend, warp, dimple or otherwise wear out. Steel decks have a fixed lifespan. Once used up, a steel deck will need replacement. However, a concrete deck scale can last many, many years beyond a steel decks lifespan. Steel deck scales are usually sold when deadlines are looming, or buyers are unwilling to take on risks common with field installed concrete. If you think about it, it’s much easier to sell a steel deck than a concrete one. With traditional field pour concrete, the seller must manage two steps in the installation process rather than one. With concrete, the seller must manage the installation process and the concrete pour, finish and cure. What can happen is that steel deck scales are sold based on seller convenience rather than what the buyer really needs.

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