Rice Lake SendIt Wireless Load Cell Interface

In any application, from heavy capacity and industrial scales to overhead weighing, data communication is essential. SendIt reads the signal from a load cell and sends that data wirelessly to a receiving indicator, eliminating the need for traditional wire runs.  SendIt not only solves issues caused by traditional long distance wire runs, it also provides a simpler user experience with the added benefits of efficient wireless communication.

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• Works with any basic digital weight indicator
Excitation to load cell(s) provided by the transmitter, not the indicator
• Each transmitter/receiver set is individually paired and will not interfere with another set
• Auto-off mode – selectable for 15, 30, 45, 60 minutes or off
• Auto-sleep mode – power down during non-use, power up with weight change, or key press

160338Sendit Receiver 5-6VDC
165312SendIt System Pair RF Matched pair, 1 Load Transmitter, 1 Load Receiver 5-6.5VDC Input