Rice Lake SCT-20


Each Rice Lake SCT-20 is DIN Rail mountable within a cabinet or control panel, where it serves to convert a scale’s load cell signals to analog output, serial output, or a specific network protocol.  Unlike many other signal transmitters, Rice Lake’s SCT-20 has its own .3 inch weight display, with annunciators for unit and weighing status and push buttons for zero, tare and setpoint entry, simplifying scale setup, calibration and operation.

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  • Space saving, vertical shape with DIN rail mounting
  • Displays weight, configuration, calibration and error conditions
  • DIN rail mounting
  • Theoretical calibration, real-weigh calibration, linearity calibration
  • Push button or preset tare
  • Converts digital weight to analog output or optional DeviceNet or Profibus or EtherNet/IP Protocol
  • Supports ASCII or MODBUS-RTU protocols
  • Full-scale analog output with zero setting and PLC correction of analog signal
  • Bit swapping selection for little endian and big endian format
  • Two digital inputs, three digital outputs
  • One serial port , RS-232 simplex and RS-485 connection
  • CD manual
129396Indicator,Convertor SCT20 SCT20-AN, 12-24VDC, Analog Output, and RS485/232 Serial Port, DIN Mount
129397Indicator,Convertor SCT20 SCT20-DN,12-24VDC, DeviceNet Output, and RS485/232 Serial Port, DIN Mount
129398Indicator,Convertor SCT20 SCT20-IP, 12-24VDC, Ethernet IP, and RS485/232 Serial Port, DIN Mount
129558Indicator,Convertor SCT20 SCT20-PB, 12-24VDC, Profbus DP with RS485/232, DIN Rail Mount.
132534Indicator,Convertor SCT20 SCT20-TCP/IP, 12-24VDC, Ethernet TCP/IP and RS485/232 Serial Port DIN Mount
156903Indicator,Convertor SCT20 SCT20-MB, 12-24VDC, Modbus/TCP Output and RS485/232 Serial Port, DIN Mount, SCT-20