Manufacturer:Rice Lake Weighing Systems

Types:Floor and Drum Scales, Portable Floor Scales

Application:Bulk Material Weighing

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Rice Lake DeckHand Portable Scales

DeckHand Portable Scales

DeckHand Portable Scales are mobile floor scales with an indicator platform. Partnered with one of Rice Lake’s battery-operated indicators such as the IQ plus 390-DC or IQ plus 590-DC, you have a clearly visible weight anywhere the scale is located. If product is loaded off-center, all four corners of the platform weigh perfectly so weight is measured accurately from anywhere on the platform. Take this scale to any work area for immediate weights of large stationary items.

The DeckHand’s large rubber wheels simplify movement on uneven floors. The two wheels hover when stationary so the weighing platform remains stable despite variances in floor contour. Aluminum environmentally-sealed load cells help keep things lighter for easier mobility.

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  • Mild or stainless steel wheeled frame, base, and mast
  • Treaded top plate
  • 500 lb, 1000 lb, 2000 lb capacity
  • Standard indicator mount with integral handles for the IQ plus 355 IQ plus® 310A, IQ plus® 390-DC, IQ plus® 510, IQ plus 590-DC, IQ plus 710, IQ plus 800 indicators, and IQ 700.
  • Large rubber wheels simplify movement on uneven floors
  • One–person portability
  • RL1260 aluminum load cells (2)
Unitslb, kg
Indicator Rating/MaterialNEMA Type 4X/IP66, stainless steel
(Some are heavy gauge SS)
Base Legal For TradeNTEP CC 98-004, Class III, 2,500 dMeasurement
Canada AM-5218, (250 kg and 500 kg) Class III 2,500 d (1,000 kg) Class III 2,000 d
Indicator Legal For TradeNTEP CC 98-203, Class III/IIIL 10,000dMeasurement
Canada AM-5300, Class III 10,000d, Class IIIHD 20,000d
Standard FeaturesFull numeric keypad
Keyboard entry of piece weight,tare weight,calibration and sample size
Display tare button
Powered by 6 C cell alkaline batteries for complete portability
(batteries not included)
(3) 300-character print ticket formats
Power for (4) 350 ohm load cells or (8) 700 ohm load cells
Supports 4- and 6-wire load cell connections
EDP port for full duplex
RS-232 communications
NEMA Type 4X/IP66-rated stainless steel enclosure
LCD display,1 in (24.5 mm),6-digit
AC adapter for 115 or 230 VAC power
Configurable standby mode to prolong battery life
RATTLETRAP 3-stage digital filtering
Configurable units multiplier
Configurable analog-to-digital measurement rate
Self-resetting thermal fuse
Time and date battery backed
Local/remote operation
Numeric keypad (482 Plus)
Keyed entries for tare and setpoint values (482 Plus)
2 independent serial ports: RS-232 and 20 mA
NEMA Type 4X/IP66 stainless steel washdown enclosure
Password protection for user and configuration changes
Selectable conversion rate and display update rate
Hardware or audit trail metrology sealing
Programmable ticket formats for gross,net,accumulator and setpoints
5 continuous stream formats
Adaptive filter or rolling average filter
Configurable with Revolution software
Operator functions through menu for audit trail,preset tare,unit ID,accumulator,time and date,setpoints,communications and print formats
8 setpoints - sequenced batch engine
Relay output2 digital inputs,four dry contact relays (supports 2 boards)
Ethernet TCP/IP and USB interface (requires cable)
BatteryRechargeable lithium ion Power for 40 hours of battery life on one 350 ohm load
Power-saving modes for sleep and wake-up threshold
Indicator SpecificationsPower: 9 VDC, provided by 6 C-cell alkaline batteries or AC adapter
Power Consumption100 mA (100 hours with 4 load cells) 25 mA (300 hours with 1 load cell)
Excitation Voltage5 VDC
Analog Signal Input Range2.5 mV 22.5 mV
Analog Signal Sensitivity0.3 V/graduation minimum
1.5 V/grad recommended
ResolutionInternal resolution: 1 million counts
Display resolution: 100,000d
Counting Capacity100,000 pieces
Measurement Rate30,15,71/2,33/4 per second
System LinearityWithin 0.01% of full scale
Serial CommunicationsEDP/Printer port: Full duplex RS-232
Display1 in (24.5 mm) 6-digit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
Circuit ProtectionRFI,EMI,ESD protection
Keyboard19-key flat membrane panel,tactile feel
Operating TemperatureLegal: 14 F to 104 F (-10 C to 40 C)
Industrial: 14 F to 122 F (-10 C to 50 C)
Weight6.5 lb (2.95 kg)
Rating/MaterialNEMA Type 4X/IP66,stainless steel
WarrantyTwo-year limited warranty
Excitation Voltage5 VDC
Analog Signal Input Range±7 mV/V
Analog Signal Sensitivity0.1 uV/graduation minimum
0.5 uV/graduation recommended
ResolutionInternal: 523,000 counts
Disply: 100,000 graduations
Measurement RateSelectable 5,10,20,40 Hz
System LinearityWithin 0.01% of full scale
Circuit ProtectionImmunity 10 V/m ESD
±10 KV air
±6 KV contact
RFI ProtectionCapacitor bypass and ESD suppressors
DisplayLCD backlit display,0.8 in (20 mm),6-digit,7-segment
KeyboardFlat membrane panel,embossed keys,tactile feel
(Optional) Analog Output16-bit resolution,voltage output 0-10 VDC,current output 0-20 mA / 4-20 mA
(Optional) Relay Board2 opto-isolated,5 to 24 VDC,active high inputs. 2 inputs (requires relay output option)
Primary keys,pseudo functions,batching functions. (4) 30 VDC,2 amp dry-contract relays
(Optional) Ethernet and USB BoardUSB 5-pin header for PC,printer or flash drive
Ethernet TCP/IP,RJ45 jack,server and client ports.
Operating TemperatureLegal: 14 F to 104 F (-10 C to 40 C)
ModelCapacity x ReadabilityOverall Size 
69525500 x 0.2 lb31 x 41 inch
695261000 x 0.5 lb31 x 41 inch
695272000 x 1 lb31 x 41 inch
169707500 x 0.2 lb31 x 41 inch
1697081000 x 0.5 lb31 x 41 inch
1697092000 x 1 lb31 x 41 inch