Proof and Load Testing

Proof and Load Testing

Nicol Scales & Measurement offers a variety of proof and load testing services. These testing services include chain, strap and sling testing utilizing our in-house certified press with tension testing up to 100,000 lbs. We can also provide certified dead weights to assist with crane verifications, center of gravity testing and other testing and verifications that require certified dead weights. Contact us to discuss your proof and load testing needs.

In many industries where lifting equipment is used overhead or where items like chains or straps are used as fasteners, OHSA requires periodic proof load testing to ensure these items are up to the challenge. We offer in house proof load testing services up to 100,000 lbs on our certified calibration presses in Houston and Dallas. If you require on site proof or load testing, we can deliver many of our more than 115,000 lbs of certified dead weights to your location. NSM can provide you with written documentation using standards traceable to NIST.


24/7 Emergency Service

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We know that weighing and measurement equipment is critical to your process. Therefore, when your equipment goes down, your business is down.

That’s why Nicol Scales & Measurement offers 24/7 emergency service and repair. While our normal Service Department hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 – 4:30, we have technicians on call 365 days a year.

If it is an emergency, you will be directed to provide your contact information to our service representative on call. You will receive a call back as quickly as possible so that we may determine the quickest and most efficient way to assist you.

If it is a non-emergency, simply provide your information in our After Hours voicemail at 800-225-8181, and you will be contacted first thing the following business day.