Types:Hardness Testers

Application:Research & Development Testing

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Shimadzu HMV-2


The HMV-2 micro hardness tester is indispensable to today’s metallographic researcher. This type of work requires the ability to precisely measure the hardness of small parts, metallic structures used in precision equipment, processed surface layers, and metal plating layers, all with little damage to the specimen.


  • Metal Microstructures: Small Precision Devices (Gears, Axles, Cams)
  • Hardened Surface Layers: Wire materials (tire cords, piano wire)
  • Welds and other adhesion points: Thin samples (metal foil, razor blades)
  • Paint layers and metallic plating: Electronic components (ICs, PCBs)
  • Fine Ceramics: Medical-related items (artificial teeth, bones)

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  • LCD Touch Panel Provides an Easy User Interface for inputting Load Rates, Duration, and Other Testing Parameters Automatic Load-Change Mechanism – The LCD touch panel facilitates easy selection of test load, load duration, and other testing parameters.
  • Select Test Modes to Match Your Objective – The HMV offers several different test modes to meet the needs of todays researcher. In addition to the standard test mode, which provides a simple load/duration indentation, the researcher is also able to select other modes for more complex measurements.
  • High Accuracy Measurement – A minimum unit of diagonal length measurement of 0.01µm (when using the X40 objective lens) ensures measurement accuracy to the most exacting standards.
  • Convenient Analysis & Graph Display Functions – A wealth of analysis functions are included as standard, such as statistical calculation data editing, conversion, graph display, and a go/no-go decision function.
  • Automatic Revolving Electric Turret (only with HMV-2T) – Automatic rotation of the turret between indenter and objective lens accelerates operator productivity, thus saving time and money.
Test MethodVickers or Knoop
Load Range (gf)1 to 2000
Depth Resolution0.01 µm
Dwell Times (sec)0 to 999
Objective Lens40X
Measurement Range (@ 40X)250 µm