Types:Bench Mounted Water Analysis Meters

Applications:Conductivity Measurement, Dissolved Oxygen Measurement, pH Measurement

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Sartorius Docu pH Meter

Sartorius Docu-pH Meter

DocuClip & Docu pH Meter let you close the reliability gap in electrochemistry. DocuClip & Docu pH Meter from Sartorius set new standards for documentation of results in electrochemistry.

  • Graphic display and soft keys for intuitive user guidance by plain-language prompts
  • Automatic temperature compensation, buffer recognition as well as recognition of various temperature sensors
  • Improved calibration routines support optimum procedural sequences in the laboratory

Laboratory work, particularly in the areas of chemical and pharmaceutical research, requires 100% traceable documentation. Conventional procedures, however, still hold some risks; sensors that have been used may be mixed up; an electrode may have been used so often that it is no longer fully effective. But how can you tell? Manual recording of electrode identification is error-prone. Permanent allocation of identifying and calibration data to a particular pH electrode gives you complete reliability. It is no longer possible to mix up electrodes. The quality and effectiveness of electrodes can be checked at any time.

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DocuClip turns standard pH probes into intelligent sensors:
Automatic sensor recognition; document GLP data.

Weight1 kg
Readability0.001 | 0.01 | 0.1
Measuring range-2,000...20,000
Electrolyte filling solutionWithout electrode
TypepH Meter
Electrode materialWithout electrode
Temperature sensorWithout electrode
Dimensions (WxDxH)145 — 229 — 89 mm
Measuring range in -5 ¦ +105
Measuring range in mV-2000.0 ¦ 2000.0
Temperature readability0.1
Accuracy (temperature)+/- 0.2
Average sample weightNo
Accuracy in mV+/- 0.2 < | 1000 | +/- 1 < | 1000 |
Readability in mV0.1 | 1
ATC 10 kO
ATC 30 kO
2.5 mm phone plug
Buffer recognitionAutomatic: technical buffers, DIN|NIST buffers
Inputs for pH combination electrodesBNC
Temperature compensationAutomatic or manual from 5 to 105
Date | time battery-suppliedNo
ISO/GLP compliant print outNo
Memory for measurement dataNo
Communication with DocuClip®Yes
Interface RS232CYes
Calibration standards3
Calibration reminderNo