Types:Bench Mounted Water Analysis Meters

Applications:Conductivity Measurement, Dissolved Oxygen Measurement, pH Measurement

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Sartorius Basic pH Meters

Sartorius pH Basic Meter

Sartorius Basic pH Meters – The compact, basic equipment for routine measurements in the lab. For reliable results in all applications.

  • Automatic buffer recognition during calibration
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Display with stability icon next to the result
  • Simultaneous display of measured value and temperature
  • Automatic electrode check and electrode slope display during calibration
  • Easy operation with understandable symbols that practically eliminate handling errors


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Weight1.39 kg
Measuring range-1.99-19.99
Electrolyte filling solutionWithout electrode
TypepH/mV Meter
Electrode materialWithout electrode
Temperature sensorWithout electrode
Dimensions (WxDxH)230 — 120 — 80 mm
Measuring range in -5 ¦ +105
Measuring range in mV-1800.0 ¦ +1800.0
Meter dimensions in mm230 — 120 — 80 mm
Inputs for pH combination electrodesBNC
Power supplyAC adapter for Portable Meter
Calibration standards3