Mobile Process Weighing System

The new Mobile Process Weighing System allows you to accurately weigh and batch in portable tanks or vessels to speed up production time, improve safety, and minimize bacteria collection points found in traditional floor scales.  This system consists of special load cells that simply bolt between the tank leg and the standard swivel casters already on the vessel, utilizing the standard 6 inch caster bolt pattern with no modifications to the tank needed.  The secret is the “moment corrected” technology inside the load cells that compensates for the inherent pinching action of the swivel casters and provides accurate weighments even on floors that are not level.  These load cells may be used with a variety of different weighing indicators depending upon the application and data collection requirements.  This disruptive and proven technology is used globally with hundreds of installations in multiple industries.

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  • For use on portable tanks and vessels on casters or wheels
  • Improves safety by eliminating trip hazards found with traditional floor scales
  • No modifications to tank – bolts directly between the tank leg and standard swivel casters
  • Washdown safe with stainless steel and hermetically sealed construction
  • Accurate to +/- 0.5 kgs
  • Speeds up the mix/weigh cycle by up to 35%
  • Removes bacteria collection points found with pit mounted or surface mounted floor scales
  • Improves operator safety by eliminating the risk of injuries due to pushing heavy tanks up and down ramped floor scales
  • High Strength top and bottom mounting plates with threaded mounting holes and overload protection
Capacities500 x .5 kg
250 x .5 kg
Custom Capacities and Resolutions available by request
Full Scale Output1.3 mV/V
Material/Finish17-4PH Stainless Steel
Seal TypeTrue Hermetically Sealed
TemperatureCompensated Range: -10 to 40 Degrees C (14 to 104 Degrees F)
Operating Range: -40 to 80 Degrees C (-40 to 176 Degrees F)
Safe Overload Capacity 200% Full Scale
Overload ProtectionTwo overload stops per load cell
Combined ErrorLess Than 0.05% F.S.
Non-RepeatabilityLess Than 0.01% F.S.
Excitation Voltage5 – 15 VDC
Cable Length3 Meter
Foil Shielded Black Cable
Warranty1 Year Limited