Types:In Motion Vehicle Scales

Industries:Shipping & Freight, Transportation & Logistics

Applications:Shipping and Logistics, SOLAS Required Shipping Container Weighing

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Rinstrum AxleweighR In Motion Axle Scale


Drive over the AxleweighR scale at a constant ~3MPH (~5km/h). The scale will automatically weigh each axle and print a receipt with individual axle weights and the total. If you store the trucks ID and tare weight, or use 2 pass weighing, the controller will calculate the Gross, Tare and Net values.

EASY:  The In-Motion-AxleweighR is preconfigured for easy installation.  The load cells are factory calibrated and the indicator is preprogrammed.  Just add power, zero the scale and start weighing.

PORTABLE:  Easy to transport, Easy to install, Easy to relocate.

INSTALL:  The In-Motion-AxleweighR is a precast concrete slab with a precast concrete scale in the center.  It can be installed just about anywhere.  Just pick it off the back of a truck and place it on a 12 inch bed of compacted crushed stone, backfill as needed.

FAST:  Don’t stop on the scale.  Weigh in-motion for fast and accurate results up to 2 mph.

ACCURATE:  On average better than +/- 0.5% repeatability can be obtained with good quality approaches.  With extended (concrete) flat-and-level approaches, greater accuracy is possible.

ECONOMICAL:  Avoid tickets and lost productivity from non-legal loading.  With the In-Motion-AxleweighR you will always know your axle weights without the need to weigh on a public scale.

DURABLE:  Reinforced precast concrete slab is designed for years of trouble free operation.

WARRANTY:  The electronics and load cells have a 2 year warranty and are supported by a network of authorized distributors

CUSTOMIZABLE:  Fully programmable indicator can adapt to your operational and data management needs.

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