Rice Lake 820i Programmable Weight Indicator/Controller

To gain the competitive edge in today’s fast-paced business environment, you need cost effective solutions that not only optimize your processes, but also provide an intelligent, flexible migration path. Meet the Rice Lake 820i programmable weight indicator/controller.

The 820i revolutionizes basic instrumentation programming, allowing for more affordable serviceability and programming support. Unlike many programmable indicators, the 820i features an intuitive user interface that enables users to automate formula selection, batch start up, data recall, or any frequently used process with the push of a button. With the 820i on board, increasing accuracy and improving the efficiency of any weight-related process has never been easier.

In any batching application, it’s a challenge to provide accurate, quality products while attempting to reduce costs. Fortunately, there’s an HMI indicator/controller that will keep your process on target—the 820i. The 820i programmable weight indicator/controller gives you instant access to frequently used functions such as selecting a formula or starting a batch with programmable soft keys. Configure up to 100 setpoints to operate as freerunning, sequenced or latched; and customize setpoints with weight-based or event and action defined triggers. The 820i can batch in gross weight, net weight, percent of target or by time. Precise batching and consistent quality are attained by using automatic learning or flow preact.By presetting soft keys, fixed messages can be automatically sent to a remote display.

With open connectivity to the most popular networking interfaces, 820i system integration is seamless. Repeatability, tighter quality control, waste reduction, system integration, increased productivity and ease of use — that’s the power of the 820i.

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  • NTEP-Certified, Legal-for-Trade
  • Operate and display up to two scales simultaneously
  • Store up to 1000 truck in/out records
  • Six truck modes and keyed tares
  • 25 definable print formats
  • Visual programming for creating custom programs easily
  • Alibi tracking
Display Viewable area:4.6 inW x 2.2 inH (116W x 55mmH),320 x 156 pixel VGA Crystal Display(LCD) module with adjustable contrast
Excitation Voltage:10VDC, 16 x 350Ω load cells
Excitation Voltage:5 ± 0.5VDC, 4 x 350Ω load cells
A/D Sample Rate:7.5 to 960Hz, software selectable
Resolution:8,000,000 counts, 23bi
Serial Ports:Two ports on CPU board support up to 115,200bps
Digital I/O:Eight channels on CPU board
Circuit Protection:RFI, EMI, ESD Protection
Line Voltages:115 or 230 VAC, 50 or 60Hz
Operating Temperature:Legal: 14 F to 104 F (-10 C to +40 C) Industrial: 14 F to 122 F (-10 C to +50 C)
98280Indicator,820i Panel Mount, 230VAC Single A/D Channel Without Power Cord
98281Indicator,820i Panel Mount,230VAC Dual A/D Channels Without Power Cord
95304LIT,Manual 820i Panel 820i Panel Mount Installation Instructions
94823Enclosure,Weldment SST Faceplate/Housing,820i Panel Mount
71344CONN,10 Pos Screw Terminal Pluggable 3.81mm Centers
102331Board Assy,CPU 820i Single Channel, RoHS Compliant
102333Board Assy,CPU 820i Dual Channel, RoHS Compliant
69291Battery,3v Coin Lithium 16mm Diameter, 125(mAh)
71698Strip,Polyurethane Foam 3.5x.25x.25 w/Adhesive
94435Parts Kit,820i Single Channel A/D Panel Mount
94139Parts Kit,820i Single Channel A/D Universal
94436Parts Kit,820i Dual Channel A/D Panel Mount
94140Parts Kit,820i Dual Channel A/D Universal
75062Washer,Bonded Sealing SST #8 OD .4375
97907Cable ASSY,AC Input 820i Panel Mount
93618Enclosure, 820i housing weldment
94422Label,Capacity .40 X 4.63
94824Cover,820i Panel Mount
11222Dog Guard
100758Display,LCD Module 820i Sunlight Viewable, White LED Back Light, STN Gray, Transflective 320 x 240 Pixels, 12:00 View, RoHS Compliant, Positive Image.
76513CONN,4 Pos Screw Terminal Pluggable 3.81mm Center Phoenix 1803594 30 - 14 AWG .276 Strip Length Screw Torque 1.95 LB/IN Minimum - 2.213 LB/IN Maximum
93246Display,LCD Module 820i White LED Back Light, STN Blue, Transmissive, 320 x 240 Pixels, 155 mm x 120 mm, 12:00 View, RoHS Compliant
76514CONN,6 Pos Screw Terminal Pluggable 3.81mm Centers Phoenix 1803617 28-16 AWG Strip length = .28