Types:Analytical Balances, Precision Balances, Top Loading Balances

Applications:Gram and Milligram Weighing, Scales with Data Acquisition & Export Ability

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Ohaus Pioneer PX

Pioneer PX

Designed for applications that require intelligent operation, the Pioneer PX comes equipped with a bright backlit display for clear viewing of weighing results, a second line display that provides additional guidance to the user, a static removal bar to discharge any accumulated static charge to increase accuracy in weighing results, and RS-232 and USB ports to connect to PCs and peripherals.

The PX offers high accuracy and repeatability for essential weighing applications in laboratory, industrial and education settings at an economical price point. Featuring a cast metal lower housing, sub-pan and stainless steel weighing pan, the PX is durably constructed for versatile, long-term use. The PX features a second line display for additional information or guidance, a static removal bar for convenient grounding, and USB and RS232 connectivity for easy communication.

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  • user-selectable environmental filters and brightness settings
  • auto-tare
  • autodim
  • user-selectable span calibration points
  • software lockout and reset menu
  • user-selectable communication settings and data print options
  • user-definable project and user IDs
  • software overload/underload indicator
  • stability indicator
  • four operating languages
Ink Ribbon, SF40A SF42A
Paper Roll, Set (2), 57.5mm, SF40A
Cable, RS9 M/F,1.5 m
Printer, Impact, SF40A, AM
Dust Cover, Balance with Draft Shield
Auxiliary Display, PAD7, PA AX EX
Paper Roll, (1), Thermal, STP103
Printer, Thermal, STP-103, US
Sinker Glass for Density Determination
USB Interface Cable
Security Device
Cable, RS232,CBM910-AV DV EX MB PA TxxP
Cable, ST103-AV DV EX MB PA TxxP
Density Kit, Solids
Cable, 25 Pin-9 Pin, PC-TxxP
Cable, RS232, IBM 9P, AV DV MB Ranger
Adapter, 25 Pin-9 Pin, SF42 SRP275
Anti-Theft Device, SP PA AV NV
Software, Winwedge
In-Use-Cover, PX
ModelDescriptionCapacity (g)Readability (g) 
PX85Semi-Micro Balance, internal calibration, with draftshield820.00001
PX225DSemi-Micro Balance, internal calibration, with draftshield82/2200.00001/0.0001
PX84/EAnalytical Balance, external calibration, with draftshield820.0001
PX84Analytical Balance, internal calibration, with draftshield820.0001
PX124/EAnalytical Balance, external calibration, with draftshield1200.0001
PX124Analytical Balance, internal calibration, with draftshield1200.0001
PX224/EAnalytical Balance, external calibration, with draftshield2200.0001
PX224Analytical Balance, internal calibration, with draftshield2200.0001
PX163/EPrecision Balance, external calibration, with draftshield1600.001
PX163Precision Balance, internal calibration, with draftshield1600.001
PX323/EPrecision Balance, external calibration, with draftshield3200.001
PX323Precision Balance, internal calibration, with draftshield3200.001
PX523/EPrecision Balance, external calibration, with draftshield5200.001
PX523Precision Balance, internal calibration, with draftshield5200.001
PX1602/EPrecision Balance, external calibration, without draftshield16000.01
PX1602Precision Balance, internal calibration, without draftshield16000.01
PX2202/EPrecision Balance, external calibration, without draftshield22000.01
PX2202Precision Balance, internal calibration, without draftshield22000.01
PX3202/EPrecision Balance, external calibration, without draftshield32000.01
PX3202Precision Balance, internal calibration, without draftshield32000.01
PX4202/EPrecision Balance, external calibration, without draftshield42000.01
PX4202Precision Balance, internal calibration, without draftshield42000.01
PX2201/EPrecision Balance, external calibration, without draftshield22000.1
PX2201Precision Balance, internal calibration, without draftshield22000.1
PX4201/EPrecision Balance, external calibration, without draftshield42000.1
PX4201Precision Balance, internal calibration, without draftshield42000.1