Minebea Intec Combics Weighing Platforms

Combics 3

With the Combics product family, Minebea offers a high-quality scale series for the various applications of the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, metal and electrical industries. Combics can adjust optimally to different process requirements due to its high flexibility regarding connection and configuration options. These platforms are NTEP Approved, legal for trade and available in both painted steel and stainless steel.

Minebea’s Combics offers a wide variety of platforms in different materials and dimensions. Depending on your requirements, all platforms can be combined with different indicators.


Product formerly listed as Sartorius-Intec Combics Weighing Platforms.
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YDH03CWS          Column st.st,platf. 500×400,height750mm

YDH01CWS          Column st.st,platf.320×240,height330mm

YDH02CWS          Column st.st.,platf.400×300,height500mm


Drive-On ramps

YAR01CWS          Drive-on ramp, stainless steel, 1200×600

YAR02CWS          Drive-on ramp, st. steel, 1200×1000

YAR06CWS          Drive-on ramp, st. steel, 1200×800

YAR03CWS          Drive-on ramp, stainl. steel, 1200×1250

YAR04CWS          Drive-on ramp, stainl. steel, 1200×1500

YAR05CWS          Drive-on ramp, st. steel, 1200×1500

YAR01CWST        Drive-on ramp,st.steel,tread pl.1200×600

YAR06CWST        Drive-on ramp,st.steel,tread pl.1200×800

YAR02CWST        Drive-on ramp,st.steel, trd.pl.1200×1000

YAR03CWST        Drive-on ramp, st.steel,tr. pl.1200×1250

YAR04CWST        Drive-on ramp, st.steel,tr. pl.1200×1500

YAR05CWST        Drive-on ramp, st.steel,tr. pl.1200×1500

YAR01CWS4        Drive-on ramp,AISI316Ti st.stl.,1200×600

YAR06CWS4        Drive-on ramp, st.st.AISI316 Ti,1200×800

YAR02CWS4        Drive-on ramp,st.st.AISI316 Ti,1200×1000

YAR03CWS4        Drive-on ramp,st.st.AISI316 Ti,1200×1250

YAR04CWS4        Drive-on ramp,st.st.AISI316 Ti,1200×1500

YAR05CWS4        Drive-on ramp,st.st.AISI316 Ti,1200×1500

YAR01CWST4     Drive-on ramp,AISI316Ti,trd. pl.1200×600

YAR02CWST4     Drive-on ramp,AISI316Ti,tr. pl.1200×1000

YAR03CWST4     Drive-on ramp,AISI316Ti,tr. pl.1200×1250

YAR04CWST4     Drive-on ramp, AISI316Ti,tr.pl.1200×1500

YAR05CWST4     Drive-on ramp, AISI316Ti,tr.pl.1200×1500



YEG01CWS          Pit frame, st.steel, platform 800×600 mm

YEG08CWS          Pit frame st.steel, platf. 800x800mm

YEG07CWS          Pit frame st.steel, platf. 1000x800mm

YEG02CWS          Pit frame st.steel, platf. 1000x1000mm

YEG03CWS          Pit frame st.steel, platf. 1250x1000mm

YEG09CWS          Pit frame, stainless steel, 1250×1250 mm

YEG04CWS          Pit frame st.steel, platf. 1500x1250mm

YEG05CWS          Pit frame st.steel, platf. 1500x1500mm

YEG06CWS          Pit frame st.steel, platf. 2000x1500mm



YWT01CWS         Bench, stl.st., ptd., platform 400x300mm

YWT02CWS         Bench, stl.st., ptd., platform 500x400mm

YWT03CWS         Bench, stl.st., ptd., platform 650×500

YWT04CWS         Bench, stl.st., ptd., platform 800x600mm


Barcode readers

YDH01WTCWS   Bench column, stainless steel

YFP02CWS           Fixing set

YRC01IGS-X        EX roller conveyor, st. steel, 800x600mm


Roller conveyor

YRC01EDS-X        EX roller conveyor, st. steel, 400x300mm

YRC01DCS-X       EX roller conveyor, st. steel, 320x240mm

YRC01FES-X        EX roller conveyor, st. steel, 500x400mm

YRC01GFS-X       EX roller conveyor, st. steel, 650x500mm

Combics platforms, stainless steel


  • 10 weighing capacities ranging from 3 kg to 3 t
  • 13 platform sizes
  • 2 versions for use in legal metrology, accuracy class III , resolution of 3,000 e or 2 x 3,000 e
  • 2 resolutions for use in standard, non-legal-for-trade applications, 15,000 d and 30,000 d
  • The base frame is made of AISI 304 or AISI 316 Ti stainless steel, electropolished
  • Load plate alternately available in a choice of AISI 304 stainless steel with a tread plate patterned finish
  • IP67 protection rating

Combics platforms, painted


  • 10 weighing capacities ranging from 3 kg to 3 t
  • 13 platform sizes
  • 2 versions for use in legal metrology, accuracy class III, resolution of 3,000 e or 2 x 3,000 e
  • 2 resolutions for use in standard, non-legal-for-trade applications, 15,000 d and 30,000 d
  • The base frame made of painted steel or is galvanized, load plate stainless steel or painted
  • IP65 protection rating

Combics Food platforms


    • AISI 304 stainless steel, IP69K + IP68 (optional: electro-polished AISI 316 Ti stainless steel)
    • Load plate in AISI 304
    • Class III resolution for legal metrology (1 x 3000e, 2 x 3000e) or standard resolution (15000d, 30000d)
    • 3 platform sizes available (DC, ED, FE)
ModelDescriptionDimensions: in. Capacity: lbCapacity: kgReadability: lbReadability: kgCable length: ftWeight: lb 
CAPP1U-10CC-LUPainted Steel10 x 101560.00050.21014
CAPP1U-20CC-LUPainted Steel10 x 1030150.0010.51014
CAPP1U-50CC-LUPainted Steel10 x 1060300.00211014
CAPP1U-50DD-LUPainted Steel12 x 1260300.00211018
CAPP1U-50EE-LUPainted Steel18 x 1860300.00211064
CAPP1U-100DD-LUPainted Steel12 x 12150600.00521018
CAPP1U-100EE-LUPainted Steel18 x 18150600.00521064
CAPP1U-100GG-LUPainted Steel24 x 24150600.005210121
CAPP1U-100HH-LUPainted Steel30 x 30150600.005210187
CAPP1U-200EE-LUPainted Steel18 x 182001000.0151064
CAPP1U-250GG-LUPainted Steel24 x 243001500.01510121
CAPP1U-250HH-LUPainted Steel30 x 303001500.01510187
CAPP1U-500GG-LUPainted Steel24 x 246003000.021010121
CAPP1U-500HH-LUPainted Steel30 x 306003000.021010187
CAPP1U-1000HH-LUPainted Steel30 x 3015006000.052010187
CAAPP1-6DC-SPainted Steel12.6 x 9.41560.00020.11018
CAAPP1-15DC-SPainted Steel12.6 x 9.430150.00050.21018
CAAPP1-30ED-SPainted Steel15.7 x 11.860300.0010.51029
CAAPP1-30FE-SPainted Steel19.7 x 15.760300.0010.51052
CAAPP1-60ED-SPainted Steel15.7 x 11.8150600.0021.01029
CAAPP1-60FE-SPainted Steel19.7 x 15.7150600.0021.01052
CAAPP1-60GF-SPainted Steel25.6 x 19.7150600.0021.010100
CAAPP1-60IG-SPainted Steel31.5 x 23.6150600.0021.010139
CAAPP1-150FE-SPainted Steel19.7 x 15.73001500.0052.01052
CAAPP1-150GF-SPainted Steel25.6 x 19.73001500.0052.010100
CAAPP1-150IG-SPainted Steel31.5 x 23.63001500.0052.010139
CAPS1U-10CC-LUStainless Steel10 x 101560.00050.00021016
CAPS1U-20CC-LUStainless Steel10 x 1030150.0010.00051016
CAPS1U-50CC-LUStainless Steel10 x 1060300.0020.0011016
CAPS1U-50DD-LUStainless Steel12 x 1260300.0020.0011024
CAPS1U-50EE-LUStainless Steel18 x 1860300.0020.0011062
CAPS1U-100DD-LUStainless Steel12 x 12150600.0050.0021024
CAPS1U-100EE-LUStainless Steel18 x 18150600.0050.0021062
CAPS4U-100GG-LUStainless Steel24 x 24150600.0050.00210121
CAPS4U-100HH-LUStainless Steel30 x 30150600.0050.00210187
CAPS1U-200EE-LUStainless Steel18 x 182001000.010.0051062
CAPS4U-250GG-LUStainless Steel24 x 243001500.010.00510121
CAPS4U-250HH-LUStainless Steel30 x 303001500.010.00510187
CAPS4U-500GG-LUStainless Steel24 x 246003000.020.0110121
CAPS4U-500HH-LUStainless Steel30 x 306003000.020.0110187
CAPS4U-1000HH-LUStainless Steel30 x 3015006000.050.0210187
CAPS4U-1000KK-LUStainless Steel36 x 3615006000.050.0220250
CAPS4U-1000NN-LUStainless Steel48 x 4815006000.050.0220390
CAPS4U-2500KK-LUStainless Steel36 x 36300015000.10.0520250
CAPS4U-2500NN-LUStainless Steel48 x 48300015000.10.0520390
CAPS4U-5000KK-LUStainless Steel36 x 36600030000.20.120250
CAPS4U-5000NN-LUStainless Steel48 x 48600030000.20.120390