Minebea Intec Combics Ex Weighing Platforms

combics ex weighing platforms

FM Approved: Class 1,2,3, Division 1, Groups ABCDEFGT4

The Minebea Intec Combics Ex Weighing Platforms are intrinsically safe explosion-protected analogue platforms for weighing ranges from 0.1 g up to 3 t and available in 11 different dimensions.

As weight sensors, these Combics Ex platforms are flexible for use with other suitable products of the Minebea group ranging from stand-alone weighing workstations (with an indicator set up in the hazardous area) to process equipment configurations connected to transmission or control systems (transmitters or controllers set up in a hazardous area for recipe weighing, batching and filling systems).

All components for use in hazardous areas come with verification of intrinsic safety that covers all components in the modular series. This special service makes it easy to generate the documentation of explosion protection required within the scope of occupational safety regulations/ATEX.

Product formerly listed as Sartorius-Intec Combics Ex Weighing Platforms.
Learn more about Minebea’s purchase of Sartorius’ industrial weighing assets

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  • Weighing platforms in 13 sizes, approved for use in EX zones 2 and 22.
  • Readability 3,000 e or 2 x 3,000 e (class III) or 15,000 d or 30,000 d (not for legal metrology)
  • Weighing capacity 3 to 3,000 kg. IP68 and IP69K protected
  • Certified for zone 1, 21 (gas + dust), only in connection wih CIXS3 also for zone 20
  • Approved for use with indicator Combics Ex CIXS3, FCT01-X, transmitter PR1710/6 and PR1710/7, PR1711/6 or with intrinsically safe bad cell interface PR1626/60 for hazardous gas-areas
  • Stainless steel plus options for load plate materials, lifting devices for easier cleaning conditions
ModelDimensions: in.Capacity: lbCapacity: kgReadability: lbReadability: kgCable length: ftShipping Weight: lb 
CAPXS1U-10CC10 x 101560.00050.00021016
CAPXS1U-20CC10 x 1030150.0010.00051016
CAPXS1U-50CC10 x 1060300.0020.0011016
CAPXS1U-50DD12 x 1260300.0020.0011024
CAPXS1U-50EE18 x 1860300.0020.0011062
CAPXS1U-100DD12 x 12150600.0050.0021024
CAPXS1U-100EE18 x 18150600.0050.0021062
CAPXS4U-100GG24 x 24150600.0050.00210121
CAPXS4U-100HH30 x 30150600.0050.00210187
CAPXS1U-200EE18 x 182001000.010.0051062
CAPXS4U-250GG24 x 243001500.010.00510121
CAPXS4U-250HH30 x 303001500.010.00510187
CAPXS4U-500GG24 x 246003000.020.0110121
CAPXS4U-500HH30 x 306003000.020.0110187
CAPXS4U-1000HH30 x 3015006000.050.0210187
CAPXS4U-1000KK36 x 3615006000.050.0220250
CAPXS4U-1000NN48 x 4815006000.050.0220390
CAPXS4U-2500KK36 x 36300015000.10.0520250
CAPXS4U-2500NN48 x 48300015000.10.0520390
CAPXS4U-5000KK36 x 36600030000.20.120250
CAPXS4U-5000NN48 x 48600030000.20.120390