Minebea Intec Signum

  • IP65 protected.
  • Readability 0.001 g to 20 g.
  • Weighing capacity 0.6 kg to 65 kg.

Industrial scales for sophisticated weighing tasks, extremely rugged and resistant. The Signum industrial scale from Minebea Intec is a compact industrial scale in which a choice of two powerful technologies is used: SIWR and SIWA models work with a strain-gauge type load cell; the high-resolution SIWS models feature monolithic weigh cells based on electromagnetic force compensation.

The Signum offers exceptional performance features and, despite its wide variety of functions, is a very easy-to-operate industrial scale. The Signum is extremely rugged and resistant, and perfectly adapts to any ambient conditions in an industrial environment. The Signum is highly customizable and configurable, and other options are available; please contact us with your specifics, and we can have this scale customized to fit your needs.

With a Signum industrial scale, anything is possible: pick and choose your level of applications and different resolutions, and enjoy the benefits of a wide variety of interfaces and options. The Signum is a compact scale built exactly the way you want it – without compromises.

With the high resolution versions of the Signum series you can realize resolutions in the milligram range. They are especially designed for precise weighing tasks and applications such as counting, checking and formulation.

Product formerly listed as Sartorius-Intec Signum.
Learn more about Minebea’s purchase of Sartorius’ industrial weighing assets

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  • 3 indicators, 3 weighing technologies
  • Also available in stainless steel version
  • IP65 protection rating
  • Resolution 35.000 d to 350.000 d
  • Model-dependent factory-verified options up to Class II and III
  • Various options available
* Options not available for SIWAEDG Option Appl.level 1 Appl. level 2 Appl.level 3
COM 1 Interface (standard in DCP* und BBP* models)
RS232 A11 Standard
RS232 + Clock (IP43 +IP65) A31 Standard Standard
RS232 interface + Clock + PS2-connection (IP43) * 5 A32
Com 1 Interface (DCS* and BBS* Models)
RS232 interface + Clock + PS2-connection A32 Standard Standard Standard
UniCOM interface
RS232 interface A1
RS422 interface A2
RS485 interface A3  •
Digital 5 Input / 5 Output opto isolated A5
Analog module for analog weighing platform (not in combination with option L9) A15
Analog current output, 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, 0-10V, 16-bit A9
Profibus DP module (9pin D-SUB female connector) B1
Internal Ethernet interface module, 10/100 Mbit TCP/IP * 5 B9
Power Supply
24 V Power Supply L8
Internal rechargeable battery pack (10 hrs.of operation, 8 hrs. recharging time), with battery charger, incl. big indicator-housing L9
Internal Calibration Weight (only for Supreme models) E7
Disconnectable plug-in between indicator-platform, indicator with female connector (0.2 m) (for option A15) X1
Test report / Certificate Z3
Others (for DCP* und BBP* models only)
IP protection IP65 (hose-proof and dust-tight) ‘*2 I65
Below weighing hanger (only for Supreme IP43 / SIWADCP IP43)
hook included
* 2 not available for Signum Advanced high resolution (1.5kg) and Signum Supreme high resolution (620 g)
* 5 for IP65 only available on request
AD converter (A15) and battery pack (L9) cannot be combined
UniCOM interface – models DCP* & EDG
Interface module RS232 YDO01SW-232
Interface module RS485/422 YDO01SW-485/422
Interface module analog out ((0/4-20 mA, 0-10V) YDO01SW-AO
Interface module digital I/O (5 control outputs) YDO01SW-DIO
Interface module Ethernet TCP/IP YDO01SW-ETH
Interface modules Profibus DP & YAS01SW-DP required YDO01SW-DP
Adapter plate for later installation of an UNICOM interface YAS01SW-CON
UniCOM interface – models BBP*
Interface module RS232 YDO03SW-232
Interface module RS485/422 YDO03SW-485/422
Interface module analog out (0/4-20 mA, 0-10V YDO03SW-AO
Interface module digital I/O (5 control outputs) YDO03SW-DIO
Interface module Ethernet TCP/IP YDO03SW-ETH
Interface module Profibus DP YDO03SW-DP
Connecting cable from RS232 to USB-Connector, 2 m YCC01-USBM2
25-pin D-SUB male to 9/25-pin D-SUB female connector, 5ft YCC05-001M2
Electrical accessories
24 volt module YAS02MI
Mechanical accessories
Colulmn for DC platforms, height 19″ YDH01PUS
Column for BBP models YDH02P
Column for SIWAEDG model, height 19″ YDH02CWSUS
Stainless steel indicator holder for bench top fixing, for SIWAEDG YDH12CWSUS
IP65 upgrade kit for cable connectors (D-Sub 25) YAS01CISL
Dust Covers (2 units) YDC01SW
Barcode Scanner (PS2 Connector) YBR03PS2
Connecting cable to PC,
12-pin round male to 25-pin D-SUB female connector, 5 m
Connecting cable to PC,
12-pin round male to 9-pin D-SUB female connector, 5 m
Connecting cable
12-pin round male connector to open-ended cable, 5 m
Connecting cable for Sartorius accessories (standard MP8/ MC1 interface), 12-pin round male connector /  25-pin D-Submini female connector, 3 m YCC01-0016M3
Ethernet connecting cable with RJ45 male connector, 7 m YCC02-RJ45M7
Extension cable,
12-pin round male to 12-pin round female connector, 6 m
Electrical accessories
24 volt module YAS02MI
Columns for Model DCS
Column height 13″ YDH01CWSUS
Column height 19″ YDH02CWSUS
Column height 29″ YDH03CWSUS
Columns for Model BBS
Column height 29″ YDH02S
Dust covers (2 units) YDC01SW
Barcode Scanner (12 pin round male connector) YBR03IS
ModelCapacity (kg)Readability (g)Level/DisplayIncludedPan Size (in.)TypeWgt. (kg)Wgt. (lb) 
SIWADCP-V370.1Appl level 1IP6513.7 x 9.5external229
SIWADCP-V470.1Appl level 3IP6513.7 x 9.5external229
SIWADCP-V5350.5Appl level 3IP6513.7 x 9.5external1029
SIWADCP-V6651.0Appl level 3IP6513.7 x 9.5external2029
SIWADCP-V24160.2Appl level 1IP6513.7 x 9.5external529
SIWADCP-V25350.5Appl level 1IP6513.7 x 9.5external1029
SIWRDCP-V630.1Appl level 1IP6513.7 x 9.5external229
SIWRDCP-V760.2Appl level 1IP6513.7 x 9.5external529
SIWRDCP-V8150.5Appl level 1IP6513.7 x 9.5external529
SIWRDCP-V9351.0Appl level 1IP6513.7 x 9.5external1029
SIWRDCP-V10602.0Appl level 1IP6513.7 x 9.5external2029
SIWRDCP-V2060.2Appl level 3IP6513.7 x 9.5external529
SIWRDCP-V21150.5Appl level 3IP6513.7 x 9.5external529
SIWRDCP-V22351.0Appl level 3IP6513.7 x 9.5external1029
SIWRDCP-V23602.0Appl level 3IP6513.7 x 9.5external2029
SIWSBBP-V163.10.01Appl level 1IP657.1 x 7.1external216.5
SIWSBBP-V176.10.01Appl level 1IP657.1 x 7.1external316.5
SIWSDCP-V18160.1Appl level 1IP6513.7 x 9.5external829
SIWSDCP-V19350.1Appl level 1IP6513.7 x 9.5external1629