Minebea Intec PR 6041/6043 Mounting Kit

The Minebea PR 6041/6043 is the ideal mounting kit for the PR 6241 load cell. They allow simple and fast installation because dummies are included in the supply. They are prepared for the installation of a lift-off-protection and available as full stainless steel version.

The standard version of the mounting kit is available in zinc-plated and chromated steel. For the chemical and food industries with their high requirements to durability and hygiene. The MiniFlexlock is also available in stainless steel. The built-in constrainer absorbs horizontal forces, while leaving the object free to expand in case of temperature changes. The version with constrainer is equipped with dummies. The mounting kits are 100% maintenance free.

Product formerly listed as Sartorius-Intec PR 6041/6043 Mounting Kit.
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