Manufacturers:Minebea Intec, Sartorius Intec

Types:Minebea Intec Industrial High Resolution

Tag:NTEP Certified

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Minebea Intec Midrics Extend

PIC_ Midrics1_frontview_grey

The Midrics Extend features high resolution – 30,000 divisions at an economical price. Extreme ruggedness make these scales ideal for chemical, pharmaceutical and industrial applications.

  • Midrics 2 Indicator: Backlit 14-segment LCD display, bar graph readout, Integrated A/D converter for connecting analog platforms, AISI 304 stainless steel housing, IP65 protection, Class III NTEP Approved.
  • Applications: weighing, counting, checkweighing, classification (into three or five classes), totalizing, net-total, weighing in percent, neutral measurement.

MW2P models feature mild steel platform, galvanized base frame,

MW2S models feature stainless steel platform and frame. NEMA4/IP65 protection rating,

Note: Columns sold separately.

Product formerly listed as Sartorius-Intec Midrics Extend.
Learn more about Minebea’s purchase of Sartorius’ industrial weighing assets

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YDH03CISUS 43″ floor mounted column
YBP03CIS 4-leg base for column
YPP01CWS Printer stand for column
YDH01CWSUS Post mount assembly for 10×10 platforms; 13″ high
YDH02CWSUS Post mount assembly for 12×12 platforms; 19″ high
YDH03CWSUS Post mount assembly for 18×18 platforms; 29″ high
YDH12CWSUS Bench mount bracket
YDH02CISUS Wall mount bracket
  • 10 key touch pad
  • Stainless steel housing with no sharp corners or edges
  • Large High contrast display
  • Smooth stainless steel platform for maximum hygiene
  • IP 65 water and dust protection on indicator
  • IP 67 on painted platform and IP68 on stainless
  • Weighing, Counting, Checkweighing, Classification, Totalizing, Net-total, weighing in percent modes
  • High 30,000 division resolution
  • Combics Platform
  • Midrics 2 Indicator (No Standard RS232)
  • 4 Combics Platform Dimensions
  • 4 Combics Platform Capacities
Legal For TradeNO
Cable Platform (ft.)10
Data InterfaceOptional: RS-232, RS-485, RS-422, 4-20mA
Display0mm LCD, 14-segment, backlit
Net weight (approx.)2,3 kg
Power supply
DC power supply
AC power supply
Battery operation
100-240 VAC (15/+10%), 50-60 Hz, max.17W/23VA
Optional 24 VDC (+/-5%), max.12 W
Optional 24 VAC (+/-5%), 50-60 Hz, max.12W
Optional via internal or external rechargeable battery pack
ModelDimensions (in.) Capacity (lb)(kg)Readability (lb)(kg)Cable Platf. (ft)Shipping Weight (lb) 
MW2P1UE-10CC-I10 x 101560.00050.00021018
MW2P1UE-50DD-I12 x 1260300.0020.0011022
MW2P1UE-100EE-I18 x 18150600.0050.0021063
MW2P1URE-250GG-I*24 x 243001500.010.00510118
MW2S1UE-10CC-I10 x 101560.00050.00021018
MW2S1UE-50DD-I12 x 1260300.0020.0011022
MW2S1UE-100EE-I18 x 18150600.0050.0021063
MW2S4URE-250GG-I*24 x 243001500.010.00510118