Minebea Intec Compact Compression Load Cell PR 6212

Protected against corrosion and extremely durable, designed according to hygienic standards and equipped with a proven measurement principle for safe and reliable weighing results, the PR 6212 load cell enables accurate measurements in a variety of different weighing applications.

  • The advanced stainless steel, which is unique in the weighing industry, reduces downtime and costs on long term basis. Due to the upside-down mounting of the load cell in the PR 6012 mounting kits, the hygienic construction and the reduced surface roughness, cleaning times are minimized. Additionally an effective corrosion protection due to aggressive cleaning agents and other liquids could be realized.
  • Due to the manufacture of the load cell under highest quality standards in Germany, the load cell can achieve a high quality and extremely long product lifetime without maintenance. A safe product identification even under hardest circumstances can be guaranteed due to the laser inscribed product information.
  • The proven measurement principle makes the PR 6212 an extremely durable load cell. The use of a high performance strain gage “Made in Germany” enables measurement accuracy class C1.
  • Perfectly matched to the PR 6212, the compact mounting kits of the PR 6012 series offer state of the art technology. The intuitive handling and high quality marking this product and increase the efficiency of the weighing processes.

Product formerly listed as Sartorius-Intec Compact Compression Load Cell PR 6212.
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  • High corrosion resistance
  • Design according to hygienic standards
  • High measurement accuracy, C1
  • Laser inscription