Minebea Intec Combics Complete Scales

Combics Complete Scales

• Combics 2 indicator
• Mild Steel platform with IP65 protection
• IP44 Indicator
• 4 Capacities

• Stainless steel platform with IP67 protection
• IP69k Indicator
• 4 Platform dimensions
• 4 Capacities

Combics Complete Scales provide support in all areas of your process chain, from manual formulations up to PC controlled production checks. The modular system allows for a tailor-made configuration of the individual components for each area. We also produce individual complete solutions according to your specific applications. Based on the specific requirements of various industries and the basic legal conditions, Minebea has developed intelligent solutions for all weighing applications, from incoming goods through to production on a large technical scale. The Combics series supports the production of high-quality, appealing and safe products.

The unrivaled precision of Combics helps
– control flexible production
– reduce costs
– improve product quality
– raw materials to be used optimally
– increase output

The hygienic design of our solutions complies with today‘s extremely important hygiene regulations without compromise. The devices can be cleaned very easily and thus allow Combics to be used under tough conditions or where stringent safety standards apply. The materials and surfaces used significantly contribute to minimizing contamination risks. All Combics Complete Scales meet the EHEDG specifications. The easy to operate concept, in combination with the clearly labeled keys, helps prevent errors and makes it simpler for new users to learn how to use the scales. The intelligent software guarantees optimum support in logging and documenting data. Comprehensive interfaces to data management systems and process controls allow optimum integration. Typical weighing applications are supported by diverse software applications.


Product formerly listed as Sartorius-Intec Combics Complete Scales.
Learn more about Minebea’s purchase of Sartorius’ industrial weighing assets

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  • Combics 2 Indicator
  • Mild Steel Platform with IP65 protection
  • IP44 Indicator
  • 4 Capacities


  • Combics 2 Indicator
  • Stainless Steel platform with IP67 protection
  • IP69k Indicator
  • 4 Platform dimensions
  • 4 Capacities

YDH03CISUS – 43″ floor mounted column
YBP03CIS – 4-leg base for column
YPP01CWS – Printer stand for column
YDH01CWSUS – Post mount assembly for 10″x10″ platforms, 13″ High
YDH02CWSUS – Post mount assembly for 12″x12″ platforms, 19″ High
YDH03CWSUS – Post mount assembly, for 18″x18″ platforms, 29″High
YDH12CWSUS – Bench mount bracket
YDH02CISUS – Wall mount bracket
YAS07CI – Panel (cabinet) mount kit

– Large choice of combination options with standard components
– High weight -bearing construction together with high display accuracy
– High IP protection up to IP65 and an open design for easy cleaning
– Easy to operate
– Various interfaces RS232, RS485|422, analog, DIO, Profibus, Ethernet
– Provided certificates and documentation according to GMP, ISO, ATEX, OIML and FDA regulations

Combination options:
– 3 display and service units
– 10 weighing ranges from 3 kg to 3 t
– 13 platform dimensions

– Stainless steel display unit, steel platform galvanized or powder coated
– Color: NCSS3502-B (RAL7040)
– Load plate AISI 304 stainless steel (1.4301) up to 800+600 mm
– Load plate powder-coated starting at 800 x 800 mm`

ModelDescriptionDimensions: in. Capacity: lbCapacity: kgReadability: lbReadability: kgCable length: ftWeight: lb 
CAW2P1U-10CC-IMild Steel with CAISL2-U10 x 101560.00050.00021020
CAW2P1U-50DD-IMild Steel with CAISL2-U12 x 1260300.0020.0011024
CAW2P1U-100EE-IMild Steel with CAISL2-U18 x 18150600.0050.0021065
CAW2P1U-250GG-IMild Steel with CAISL2-U24 x 243001500.010.00510120
CAW2S1U-10CC-IStainless Steel with CAIS2-U10 x 101560.00050.00021022
CAW2S1U-50DD-IStainless Steel with CAIS2-U12 x 1260300.0020.0011030
CAW2S1U-100EE-IStainless Steel with CAIS2-U18 x 18150600.0050.0021068
CAW2S4U-250GG-IStainless Steel with CAIS2-U24 x 243001500.010.00510127