Manufacturer:Ametek / Lloyd Instruments

Types:Twin Column Bench Mounted Testing Systems up to 100kN

Industries:Aerospace & Aviation, Chemical & Petrochemical, Laboratory & R&D, Manufacturing, Medical & Pharmaceutical, Plastics & Polymers, Transportation & Logistics

Applications:Wood Testing Solutions, Polymer Testing Solutions, Plastics Testing Solutions, Pharmaceutical Testing Solutions, Peel Strength Testing, Paper and Cardboard Testing Solutions, Packaging Testing Solutions, Modulus of Elasticity Testing, Metals Testing Solutions, Medical Device Testing Solutions, International Standards – Wire, Yarn and Thread, International Standards – Textiles and Fabrics, International Standards – Plastics and Rubber, Puncture Testing, Quality Control Testing, Research & Development Testing, Toughness Testing, Torque Testing, Textile Testing Solutions, Tension Testing, Tensile Testing, Tear Strength Testing, Tear Resistance Testing, Stress Relaxation Testing, Spring Testing Solutions, Shear Strength Testing, Rupture Testing, Rubber Testing Solutions, International Standards – Paper and Cardboard, International Standards – Packaging, Ductility Testing, Delamination Strength Testing, Deformation Testing, Crush Resistance Testing, Creep Testing, Compression Testing, Coefficient of Friction Testing, Building Material Testing Solutions, Break Strength Testing, Bond Strength Testing, Bending Flexural Testing, Automotive Components Testing Solutions, Durability Testing, Elastic Limit Testing, Electronics Testing Solutions, International Standards – Metals, International Standards – Medical Devices, International Standards – Glass, International Standards – Footware, International Standards – Foams, International Standards – Electrical Components, International Standards – Composites, International Standards – Ceramics, International Standards – Building Products and Construction, Friction Testing, Flexural Strength Testing, Elongation Testing, Adhesion Testing

Tag:LR Plus Series

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Lloyd Instruments/Ametek LR50KPlus

The LR50KPlus testing machine combines high performance, flexibility and exceptional ease of use.  It is ideal for testing applications up to 50 kN (11241 lbf) and designed equally for routine quality control testing and for performing complex multi-stage tests. The machine uses high accuracy interchangeable XLC Series load cells for tension, compression and cycling through zero force measurements.

The high stiffness frame incorporates a crosshead guidance system to prevent side loading of the test sample.

The LR50KPlus Materials Testing System contains:

  • LR50KPlus material testing machine
  • Jig, probe or fixture that matches your specific need
  • Optional NEXYGENPlus software with an extensive library of predefined test set-ups based on international standards


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  • Simple to set up, operate and maintain
  • Load measuring system exceeds the requirements of all recognised international standards
  • Uses high accuracy interchangeable XLC load cells (0.5% of reading)
  • Crosshead travel 855 mm (33.7 in)
  • Speed range 0.001– 508 mm/min (0.00004 to 20 in/min)
  • Data sampling rate 8 kHz
  • Saves up to 600 test results
  • 10 programmable test set-ups
  • Multilingual and multi-unit display options as standard
  • Flash memory upgradeable
  • Can be mounted above floor standing compression cage for large sample/complete assembly testing
  • Full PC integration with NEXYGENPlus material test and data analysis software
01/3173LR50K Plus Materials Testing Machine Standard Travel50 kN, 11,240 lbf
01/3219LR50K Plus Pogo Excludes Rods50 kN, 11,240 lbf
01/3249LR50K -E Plus Extended Travel50 kN, 11,240 lbf
01/2946XLC-0005-A1 0.5% accuracy 5N loadcell5 N, 1.1 lbf
01/2360XLC-0010-A1 0.5% accuracy 10N loadcell10 N, 2.2 lbf
01/2950XLC-0020-A1 0.5% accuracy 20N loadcell20 N, 4.5 lbf
01/2361XLC-0050-A1 0.5% accuracy 50N loadcell50 N, 11 lbf
01/2480XLC-0100-A1 0.5% accuracy 100N loadcell100 N, 22 lbf
01/3048XLC-0250-A1 0.5% accuracy 250N loadcell250 N, 56 lbf
01/2362XLC-0500-A1 0.5% accuracy 500N loadcell500 N, 112 lbf
01/2419XLC-1000-A1 0.5% accuracy 1000N loadcell1 kN, 225 lbf
01/2363XLC-2500-A1 0.5% accuracy 2500N loadcell2.5 kN, 562 lbf
01/2364XLC-5000-A1 0.5% accuracy 5000N loadcell5 kN, 1124 lbf
01/2365XLC-10K-A1 0.5% accuracy 10kN loadcell10 kN, 2248 lbf
01/2417XLC-20K-A1 0.5% accuracy 20kN loadcell20 kN, 4496 lbf
01/2366XLC-30K-A1 0.5% accuracy 30kN loadcell30 kN, 6744 lbf
01/2367XLC-50K-A1 0.5% accuracy 50kN loadcell50 kN, 11,240 lbf
01/2896XLC-100K-A1 0.5% accuracy 100kN loadcell100 kN, 22,480 lbf