Manufacturer:Ametek / Lloyd Instruments

Types:Application Specific Testers

Industry:Laboratory & R&D

Applications:Coefficient of Friction Testing, Friction Testing, Research & Development Testing

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Lloyd Instruments/Ametek FT1 Friction Tester

The FT1 friction tester is a bench mounted, single lead screw dedicated friction tester. A friction table is mounted directly on the machine. A full set of accessories performs tests conforming to the requirements of ASTM D1894, ISO 8295 and TAPPI T549.

With this friction tester you can perform several different types of tests:

  • Pharma testing
  • Packaging testing
  • Electronic testing
  • Rubber testing
  • Automotive testing
  • Construction materials testing

The FT1 Friction Tester System contains the following:

  • FT1 friction tester machine
  • Jig, probe or fixture that matches your specific need
  • Optional NEXYGENPlus software with an extensive library of pre-defined test set-ups based on international standards

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  • High mechanical stiffness
  • Wide speed range 0.01-2032mm/min
  • High load accuracy 0.5% down to 1% of load cell value
  • More machine control options
  • Improved, intuitive user-configurable test functionality (NEXYGENPlus software)
  • Modular, flexible configuration with grips, fixtures, load cells, extensometers and other accessories available
  • Simple to set up, operate and maintain
  • Load measuring system exceeds the requirements of all recognized international standards
  • Large working area – 180 mm (7 in) throat for testing large specimens
  • Standard crosshead travel 500 mm (19.7 in)
  • Even greater crosshead travel with extended machine versions with travel up to 800 mm (31.5 in) available
  • Unique ‘Pogo’ design machines allows testing of very large samples in test frames fitted below the machine base with the added benefit of optional elevated and low temperature testing capability
  • Data sampling rate 8 kHz
  • Saves up to 600 test results*
  • 10 programable test set-ups*
  • High-resolution backlit LCD display with intuitive operator interface*
  • Multilingual and multi-unit display options*
  • Flash memory ugradeable
  • Full PC integration with NEXYGENPlus material test and data analysis software
FT1Friction Tester