Emery Winslow Lifemount Model 60-136

The Emery Winslow Lifemount Model 60-136 is a precision, long-life Hydrostatic compression load cell. It has a self-restoring column load head engineered for extreme heavy-duty usage. It is designed for high performance in applications where electronic load cells would fail. PermaCells can operate reliably in high temperatures, lightning areas and flood zones.

Constructed of grade 304 stainless steel with hardened steel column and load blocks, it has superior resistance to corrosive conditions and is ideal for explosive areas, including Class I, II, III, Groups A – D, Divisions I and II. Seismic Zone requirements can also be met.

Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

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Capacity –
Model 60-136-20k – 20,000 lbs
Model 60-136-75k – 75,000 lbs
Model 60-136-150k – 150,000 lbs
Model 60-136-200k – 200,000 lbs
Accuracy -.05%
Overload capacity – 300%
Temperature range – -25 to 500F
Factory mutual approval Class I, II, III, Division 1 and 2 Group A. B. C. D. E. F. and G.
Overload capacity300%
Temperature range-25 to 500F
Factory mutual approvalClass I, II, III, Division 1 and 2 Group A. B. C. D. E. F. and G.
  • Non-electronic
  • 304 Stainless Steel construction is standard
  • Immune to lightning and power surges
  • Immune to water washdown and flooding
  • Immune to rodent and cable damage
  • Immune to effects from RFI / EMI
  • Wishstands shock loads and vibrations
  • Operates safely in hazardous / explosive areas


  • Virtual elimination of downtime
  • Long life guarantee
  • Sustained accuracy and calibration
  • Drastically reduced maintenance
  • Lightning and flooding insurance not required
  • Eliminates load cell replacement costs


  • Heavy duty floor scales
  • Tank and hopper scales
  • Truck scales and railroad track scales
  • Custom designed load weigh systems
  • Steel mills, air cargo, aerospace
  • Munitions, chemical, food processing
  • Shock, high temperature, flooding, explosive areas
60-136-20k20,000 lbs.05%
60-136-75k5,000 lbs.05%
60-136-150k150,000 lbs.05%
60-136-200k200,000 lbs.05%