Fairbanks Trident Factory Pour Truck Scale

If you demand the robustness of a concrete deck truck scale but don’t have the luxury of waiting for a cure time, you need the Trident. Fairbanks’ Trident is a concrete deck truck scale delivered ready for service. It incorporates advanced concrete engineering technology to produce a proven 8,000 psi deck. Added strength and density comes from TensileCore steel fiber reinforcement and silica fume. With this scale, you can be guaranteed of the quality of the concrete. Starting with an engineered mix, cure and finish, the Trident is built under strict factory quality controls.

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Do not be fooled by service companies selling scale maintenance agreements that lack focus on calibration. Calibration is the most important component of any periodic maintenance program.

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Maintenance practices don’t immediately show profit or savings but good practices prevent short and long-term expenses. Here is the good news; follow these best practices and prevent unnecessary failures, repairs and errors that dip into and rob you of profits you have worked so hard to maximize!

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In just about any application, a concrete deck truck scale is a better long-term solution than a steel deck scale. When was the last time you drove across a steel bridge on the highway? Chances are every bridge you see is made of concrete. Strength, surface wear, maintenance needs and cost make concrete the best material for bridges. A […]

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It is not uncommon to find our competitors focusing the sales dialog on the virtues of a steel deck truck scale. Most of the time, they will lead with a quick-to-install, low cost steel deck product. While steel deck scales have their value, cutting through the competitive noise makes you more successful and puts you in a position […]

Capacities50 ton to 140 ton
CLC80 k
Platform sizesLengths: 10’ to 125’
Widths: 10’ and 11’
Minimum division size10 lbs
Sections2 to 7
Modules1 to 6
Module dataDesign: Composite steel with TensileCore Engineered Compote
Construction: Structural I-beams with factory-poured ASTM traceable compressive strength concrete, ultimate 8,000 psi
Checking: Bumper
Under Structure: Open Bottom
Nominal Deck Thickness4"
Cover PlatesNo
ApprovalsNTEP CC# 94-101
MC# AM-4949
Load cellHeight: 4.66 in
Capacity: 66000 lbs
Type: Rocker column
Sealing: Welded, hermetically sealed, gas filled
Material: Element - 420
Material: Can - 304
Rating: IP69K
Resistance: 1000 ohms
Output: 2.4 mV/V
Excitation: 4 to 24 VDC
Ultimate Overload: 300%
Cable Length: 15'
Cable Protection: Stainless Steel Braid ArmourGuard
Approvals: NTEP CC# 14-024, Factory Mutual,CE, OIML R60/2000-DE-08.11