Manufacturer:Fairbanks Scales

Types:Portable Truck Scales, Truck, Vehicle and Railroad Scales

Industries:Shipping & Freight, Transportation & Logistics

Application:Bulk Material Weighing

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Fairbanks Talon HV Portable Truck Scale

Talon HV Portable Truck Scale
The Fairbanks Talon HV Portable Truck Scale is constructed with multiple 10″ and 12″ Structural Steel I-beams. This durable weighbridge is the perfect solution for weighing operations that must get into action immediately, or where situations warrant a movable truck scale. Designed to the highest standards in the industry, Fairbanks’ Talon HV Portable Truck Scale outperforms all contenders across the board.

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Deck dimensionsLengths: 60’, 70’, 80’
Width: 10'
CLC90 k
Gross capacities 120-tons to 150-tons
Sections 4 to 5
Modules3 to 4
Module dataModule design: Orthotropic
Module construction: USA structural steel
Module under structure: Open bottom
Deck plate thickness 1/4”
Options Deck runners, rub rails, 110,000 lb load cells, 150-ton gross, capacity, custom widths/ lengths, drop plates, blow down plates
AccessoriesWeight instruments, report and ticket printers, driver assist terminals, custom software, software, traffic signals, remote displays
ApprovalsNTEP CC #96-089A3, MC# AM-4949
Load cellHeight:4.66 in.
Capacity: 66000 lb.
Type: Rocker column
Sealing: Welded, hermetically sealed, gas filled
Material: 304 S15
Rating: IP69K
Resistance: 1,000 ohms
Output: 2.4 mV/V
Excitation: 4 to 24 VDC
Ultimate Overload: 300%
Cable Length: 15 ft.
Cable Protection: Stainless Steel Braid AmourGuard
Approvals: NTEP CC# 14-024, Factory Mutual, CE, OIML R60/2000-DE-08.11