Types:Quality Control Software

Industries:Food & Beverage, Medical & Pharmaceutical

Application:Process Control Instruments

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Doran Production Sentry Software

Production Sentry, previously referred to as CW Sentinel, is the newest addition to Doran Scales software collection and works with the 2200CW family of scales, making it possible to record all weighments on the factory floor.  In addition to the weighments, the software records logins to the scale and links these to the weight data.

Production Sentry acts as a remote control for the management team.  Using this software, supervisors  can control the scales from a remote location changing tolerances, associating user ID’s to scale ID’s, assigning scales to groups, or adding product ID’s to scales.

In one real-world application, Production Sentry revealed that employees were producing product out of tolerance 54% of the time as opposed to the 10% rate that management observed. Installing Production Sentry and 2200CW scales caused a change in behavior of the employees – resulting in an improvement of the accuracy rate and profit margins.

  • Remotely manage employee productivity
  • Captures all weighments of each scale operator
  • Plant management controls tolerances
  • Reduces product giveaway due to overweight product

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