Types:Data Collection Software

Application:Scales with Data Acquisition & Export Ability

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Doran Excelerator Software

Excelerator is a powerful, easy-to-use, and cost effective software solution designed to collect data from any Doran Scale and transfer it to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Whether it’s one Doran Scale connected to a PC, or up to 20 Doran Scales installed throughout your plant, the Excelerator can handle it all. Streaming data from the scale can be sent to the PC via a local RS232 or USB port, or across a wired or wireless Ethernet network. You can even harness the power of the Internet by remotely collecting data from scales on the other side of the world!

Customized Spreadsheet Design
Scale data can be formatted for your custom spreadsheet design using the Data Formatting and Main Control Windows. From the Main Control Window, you can select the scale source as well as the location the data appears on an Excel spreadsheet. Predefined fields such as units, time, and date can be inserted into the column of your choice, or you can simplify the collected data by activating only the fields that are important to your application. All these modifications are easily accomplished from dropdown boxes and easy-to-understand menus.

Easy to Use
Once the system is configured, you can begin collecting data into Microsoft Excel in just two mouse clicks. It’s really that simple! Because the Excelerator program works seamlessly with Doran Scales, relying on a visual interface that eliminates custom programming, initial setup time is measured in minutes—not hours like many other data collection programs.

A Powerful Data Collection Tool at Your Fingertips
Now shop floor or manufacturing data can be moved to where decisions need to be made at a management level in real time. Once imported into Excel, the real-time data can be manipulated to show Averages, Standard Deviation, Accumulated Totals, and Charts and Graphs updated as the data is collected. The Excelerator Software turns simple weight information into a valuable management tool to analyze and control any process.

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