Types:Bench Scales, Weighing Platforms Only

Applications:Check Weighing, Wet Area/Heavy Washdown Scales

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Doran DXL Series Stainless Steel Scale Bases


Doran’s exclusive “Quad Spring” DXL design provides the very best in shock and static overload protection. The DXL employs shock-absorbing springs to protect the load cell when something is dropped on the scale. It also has heavy-duty static overload stops to protect the load cell when excessive weight (up to ten times the capacity) is placed on the scale. Doran’s DXL Bases are built tough and deliver the best load cell protection available.

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Washdown Safe Construction
Built with 304 Stainless Steel, the DXL Base is made to endure heavy washdown. IP66 load cells are sealed and grounded to prevent water damage and ESD problems.

Precision Weighing
Improve your weighing results with a DXL Scale Base. Every DXL Base has a Doran series I load cellcapable of delivering linear weighments up to 30,000 divisions. Be assured of accurate results—choose a Doran DXL Base.

Four Sizes to Choose From
The DXL series bases is available in four different base sizes: 8″ x 8″, 10″ x 10″, 12″ x 12″, or 15″ x 15″. DXL series scale bases are equipped with adjustable feet, allowing up 3/4″ height adjustment.

DXL70022 lb5000d10'' x 10''
DXL7002/882 lb5000d8'' x 8''
DXL70055 lb5000d10'' x 10''
DXL7005/885 lb5000d8'' x 8''
DXL701010 lb5000d10'' x 10''
DXL7010/8810 lb5000d8'' x 8''
DXL702525 lb5000d10'' x 10''
DXL7025/8825 lb5000d8'' x 8''
DXL705050 lb5000d10'' x 10''
DXL805050 lb5000d12'' x 12''
DXL8100100 lb5000d12'' x 12''
DXL905050 lb5000d15'' x 15''
DXL9100100 lb5000d15'' x 15''
DXL9200200 lb5000d15'' x 15''