Manufacturer:Ametek / Chatillon

Types:Motorized Test Stands, Test Stands

Industries:Aerospace & Aviation, Chemical & Petrochemical, Food & Beverage, Laboratory & R&D, Manufacturing, Medical & Pharmaceutical, Plastics & Polymers, Transportation & Logistics

Applications:Wood Testing Solutions, Plastics Testing Solutions, Pharmaceutical Testing Solutions, Peel Strength Testing, Paper and Cardboard Testing Solutions, Packaging Testing Solutions, Modulus of Elasticity Testing, Metals Testing Solutions, Medical Device Testing Solutions, International Standards – Wire, Yarn and Thread, International Standards – Textiles and Fabrics, International Standards – Plastics and Rubber, Polymer Testing Solutions, Puncture Testing, Textile Testing Solutions, Tension Testing, Tensile Testing, Tear Strength Testing, Tear Resistance Testing, Spring Testing Solutions, Shear Strength Testing, Rupture Testing, Rubber Testing Solutions, Research & Development Testing, Quality Control Testing, International Standards – Paper and Cardboard, International Standards – Packaging, International Standards – Metals, Delamination Strength Testing, Deformation Testing, Crush Resistance Testing, Creep Testing, Compression Testing, Coefficient of Friction Testing, Building Material Testing Solutions, Break Strength Testing, Bond Strength Testing, Bending Flexural Testing, Automotive Components Testing Solutions, Ductility Testing, Durability Testing, International Standards – Medical Devices, International Standards – Glass, International Standards – Footware, International Standards – Foams, International Standards – Ceramics, International Standards – Building Products and Construction, International Standards – Adhesives and Sealants, Friction Testing, Flexural Strength Testing, Elongation Testing, Elastic Limit Testing, Adhesion Testing

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Chatillon LTCM-500 Series Motorized Force Tester

The Chatillon LTCM-500 Series motorized tester combined with a Chatillon gauge is perfect for applications requiring an economical solution to tensile or compression testing up to 550 lbf (2500N).

A large working area and 5-inch (130mm) throat  is ideal for tensile, compression, flexural, shear and peel testing. Tester includes mechanical and digital load limits that can be used to control crosshead movement, e.g. stop the crosshead when a load limit is achieved. An innovative T-Slot work surface ensures proper centerline alignment and fast fixture setup. An optional expanded work table is ideal for very large samples with diameters over 10-inches (250mm). Controls are simple and intuitive making it ideal for production environments. An optional footswitch can be used for “hands-free operation” and used to control crosshead movement. An optional splinter shield is also available.

Force Capacity: * 550 lbf (2500 N)

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