Doran 4300 Checkweigh Scale

The Doran 4300 Checkweigh Scale is the solution to lowering your scale maintenance costs and downtime! For almost 30 years, Doran Scales has been recognized as the industry leader in providing the most durable and accurate, washdown safe Stainless Steel Scales. This scale has legions of satisfied users with the lowest total cost of ownership.

Washdown Safe

304 Stainless Steel construction and the exclusive, innovative Doran Gasket design meets and exceeds IP69K and NEMA 4X classification for washdown protection. The 4300 Checkweigh Scale will survive and thrive in the most extreme washdown weighing applications.

1000% Overload Protection

With the unique “Quad Spring” base design, Doran Scales has virtually eliminated the most common load cell damage caused by shock and overload damage. Protected to up to 10 times capacity, the 4300 Checkweigh Scale sets the new industry standard.

Indestructible “Guardian” Touch Panel

Reduced down time and lower maintenance costs even in repeated harsh washdown environments. Four times thicker than the competition, this super rugged touch panel resists moisture and puncture damage better than any other scale.

Easy Operation

Simple to use with minimal operator training. Set Over/Under tolerances right from the front panel using the Up/Down arrow buttons. Checkweigh to zero or actual weight with 3 or 5 zone checkweighing operations.

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  • Display: 6 Digit , red LED, 0.56″ High
  • Indicators: lb, kg, g, oz, OVER, ACCEPT, UNDER, NEG, ZERO, MOT
  • Power: 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz (230 VAC Optional); EMI/ESD protected.
  • Units: lb, kg, g, oz, or lb & oz
  • Construction: 304 Stainless Steel (Meter: 16 Gauge) (Base: 7 Gauge Maximum)
  • Dimensions: (Meter) 6″ h x 10″ w x 3″ d (Base) 10″ x 10″ x 2″ h; 12″ x 12″ x 3″ h; 15″ x 15″ x 3″ h
  • NTEP: (Meter) CC #97-038A1 10,000d Class III (Base) CC #97-097A1 5000d Class III
  • Options: 230 VAC operation and RS-232 cables
  • Warranty: Two Years Parts & Labor
ModelCapacity lbkgOzPlatform 
43022 x 0.00050.9 x 0.2g32 x 0.0110" x 10"
43055 x 0.0012.3 x .5g80 x 0.0210" x 10"
431010 x 0.0024.5 x 1g160 x 0.0510" x 10"
432525 x 0.00511.3 x 2g400 x 0.110" x 10"
435050 x 0.0122.7 x 5g800 x 0.210" x 10"
4350/1250 x 0.0122.7 x 5g800 x 0.212" x 12"
43100/12100 x 0.024.5 x 10g1600 x 0.512" x 12"
4350/1550 x 0.0122.7 x 5g800 x 0.215" x 15"
43100/15100 x 0.024.5 x 10g1600 x 0.515" x 15"
43200/15200 x 0.0591 x 20g3200 x 115" x 15"