UH-FX 500 kN
Shimadzu UH-X/FX Series Hydraulic Universal Testing Machines

Certain materials, such as composites and metals, require high forces for tensile, compression, or cycle testing. Shimadzu’s UH-X/FX series of hydraulic universal testing machines provide these levels of test force as well as are easy to use. Two model types are available: the UH-X version with enclosed grips and the UH-FX type which has actuated front-opening hydraulic grips for efficient specimen recovery and superior safety.

Model:UH-FX 500 kN
Test Frame Load Capacity:Max 500 kN(112,000 lbs)
Max. Grip Span:
Max. Compression Plate Span:

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Models for this Product:
UH-X 200 kN,  UH-X 300 kN,  UH-FX 300 kN,  UH-X 500 kN,  UH-FX 500 kN,  UH-X 600 kN


Hydraulic Testing Systems up to 4,000kN

Laboratory & R&D, Manufacturing, Plastics & Polymers

Break Strength Testing, Compression Testing, Creep Testing, Durability Testing, Modulus of Elasticity Testing, Quality Control Testing, Research & Development Testing, Tensile Testing, Tension Testing