Rice Lake RL9000TWM-HT

For high-temp use, the Rice Lake RL9000TWM-HT adds an enhanced FEP cable along with special strain gauges and other components that protect in temperatures as high as 400°F. The RL9000TWM-HT is a stainless steel, low-profile design for precision measurement almost anywhere.  You’ll be able to maximize space and minimize installation time with an all-in-one design that offers 100% uplift protection and eliminates the need for bumper bolts and stabilizing hardware. Even while off-level as much as three degrees, the Rice Lake RL9000TWM-HT guarantees the unbeatable performance and reliability you’ve come to expect from Rice Lake.

Description:RL9000TWM Top Mounting Plate w/Bolts (1k-15k) Mild Steel

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Models for this Product:
117050,  117051,  117052,  117053,  117054,  117055,  117056,  117057,  117140,  124758,  125141,  91207,  91210

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