Mark-10 Wedge Grips (G1061, G1061-1, G1061-2, G1061-3)

The Mark-10 Wedge Grips (G1061, G1061-1, G1061-2, G1061-3) with a capacity range of 50 lbf to 2,000 lbF (250 N to 9 kN) are ideal for tensile testing of a wide range of materials. Select from rubber or serrated, hardened steel jaw faces. The jaws ride on rollers instead of sliding along the surface of the housing, as with conventional wedge grips. This unique design prevents jamming and improves gripping characteristics. The spring loaded jaws open with a highly ergonomic rack and pinion lever mechanism. The smooth and easy operation of the lever greatly reduces operator hand fatigue.

Description:Wedge grip, 2,000 lbF

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Models for this Product:
G1061-1,  G1061,  G1061-2,  G1061-3,  G1018-2


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