Mark-10 Series TT03C Cap Torque Gauges

Mark-10 Series TT03C Cap Torque Gauges are quick and economical solutions for basic handheld cap torque testing. These portable instruments eliminate the need to secure closures in a fixture or more elaborate testing system. A dedicated remote torque sensor with Jacobs chuck is supplied with a universal grip for caps from 0.65 - 1.55 in (16.5 - 39.4 mm) diameter. The gauges include MESUR® Lite data acquisition software, for tabulation of continuous or individual data points. One-click export to Excel allows for further data manipulation. Mark-10 Series TT03C Cap Torque Gauges consist of a Series TT03 torque gauge and G1053 cap grip.

Capacity x Resolution;ozFin:192 x 0.2
lbFin:12 x 0.01
Ncm:135 x 0.1

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Models for this Product:
MTT03C-12,  MTT03C-50,  MTT03C-100


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