Mark-10 Series R07 Tension and Compression Force Sensors

Series MR07 force sensors measure tension and compression forces, and are designed for Series F test frames. With Plug & Test® technology, all configuration and calibration data is saved within the sensor, allowing it to be calibrated on the test frame or off-site with a Mark-10 indicator (optional adapter: AC1083 required). Ranges available from 50 to 1,500 lbF [250 N to 7.5 kN]. Compatible with Models F755, F755S, F1505, and F1505S test frames. Not compatible with Models F105, F305, F505, and F505H.

Capacity x Resolution;lbF:500 x 0.2
ozF:8000 x 5
kgF:250 x 0.1
N:2500 x 1
kN:2.5 x 0.001

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Models for this Product:
MR07-50,  MR07-100,  MR07-200,  MR07-300,  MR07-500,  MR07-750,  MR07-1000,  MR07-1500


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