Mark-10 Puncture Fixture for ASTM D5748 (G1110)

The Mark-10 Puncture Fixture for ASTM D5748 (G1110) is designed for determining the puncture resistance of plastic films and other materials up to 1,000 lbF (5 kN), in conformance with ASTM D5748. The fixture's generous height accommodates materials with long elongation. Four toggle clamps and a compression ring with concentric ridges effectively secure the material, while the included plunger with ball probe stretches and ruptures the sample. Includes integrated eye end mounting for both the fixture and probe. Both ends require eye end adapters to mount to Mark-10 force gauges or force sensors. Compatible with F755, F1505, ESM750 and ESM1500 motorized force testers.

Description:Puncture fixture, 1,000 lbF

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