Mark-10 Eye End Adapters

The Mark-10 Eye End Adapters provide a commonly accepted industry method of attaching fixtures to load cells and test frames, available as kits or individual components. They prevent grip rotation and allow for quick removal and installation. 15.8 mm dia. sizing and a range of thread sizes are available to suit most common test frames, load cells, grips, and force gauges. Refer to the Compatibility column in the Ordering Information - Kits tab.

Description:Grip adapter kit, 5/16-18M
Compatibility:Grips with 5/16-18 mounting
Includes:1x G1083-1 eye end adapter
1x G1079 lock ring

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Models for this Product:
AC1045,  AC1045-1,  AC1045-2,  AC1046,  AC1046-1,  AC1046-2,  AC1047,  AC1047-1,  AC1047-2,  AC1047-3,  AC1047-4,  G1079,  G1080,  G1081,  G1081-1,  G1081-2,  G1081-3,  G1082,  G1082-1,  G1083,  G1083-1,  G1083-2,  G1084,  G1084-1,  G1084-2,  G1088


Grips and Fixtures for Force Gauges