Mark-10 Cork Pull Fixture (G1105)

The Mark-10 Cork Pull Fixture (G1105) is designed to extract a cork stopper out of a bottle for pull force measurements, in conformance with ISO 9727. The G1105 accommodates up to 1.5 L bottles, and is compatible with both natural and synthetic stoppers. To use, load the bottle onto the spring loaded tray. The neck is secured by the upper bracket. Delrin material is used for the surfaces in contact with the bottle, to avoid marring or breaking the sample. Thread the provided corskscrew assembly into the cork, then use the swiveling hook from the force gauge to engage the eye bolt at the end of the cork screw assembly. Recommended for use with a force gauge and ES30 manual test stand or ESM303 motorized test stand. A column extension is required to accommodate the height of the fixture.

Description:Cork pull fixture

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