Mark-10 Coefficient of Friction Fixture (G1086)

The Mark-10 Coefficient of Friction Fixture (G1086) is an integral part of a COF measurement system, typically including a motorized test stand and COF gauge. The G1086 can be used for a wide range of materials, ideal for conformance to ASTM D1894 and other relevant standards. Static and kinetic coefficients can be measured using the M5-2-COF gauge. The fixture includes a large work table with sample clamp, level, 200 g sled, cable, and low-friction pulley. The fixture is compatible with most Mark-10 motorized force testers (some models require an adapter; see Ordering Information).

Description:Coefficient of friction fixture

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Models for this Product:
G1086,  COF-K1*,  AC1076-1,  AC1076-2


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