Lloyd Instruments/Ametek LR10KPlus

This product is now obsolete and has been replaced by Lloyd’s LD Series. The Lloyd Instruments/Ametek LR10KPlus testing machine combines high performance, flexibility and exceptional ease of use. It is ideal for testing applications up to 10 kN (2248 lbf) and designed equally for routine quality control testing and for performing complex multi-stage tests. The machine uses high accuracy interchangeable XLC Series load cells for tension, compression and cycling through zero force measurements. The high stiffness frame incorporates a crosshead guidance system to prevent side loading of the test sample. The Lloyd Instruments/Ametek LR10KPlus Materials Testing System contains

With this material tester you can perform several different types of tests:

Description:XLC-2500-A1 0.5% accuracy 2500N loadcell
 2.5 kN, 562 lbf

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Models for this Product:
01/3052,  01/3078,  01/3080,  01/2946,  01/2360,  01/2950,  01/2361,  01/2480,  01/3048,  01/2362,  01/2419,  01/2363,  01/2364,  01/2365,  01/2417,  01/2366,  01/2367,  01/2896

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