Fairbanks Titan Steel Deck Above Ground Truck Scale

Designed to the highest standards in the industry, the Fairbanks Titan Steel Deck Above Ground Truck Scale outperforms all contenders across the board, making it the new heavyweight champion in its class. In head-to-head comparisons, the Titan ranks number one in Gross Weight Capacity, Load Cell Capacity, Deck Plate Thickness, I-beam Construction, CLC Rating and sheer Steel Weight. The Fairbanks Titan Steel Deck Above Ground Truck Scale is constructed from multiple 12” and 16” Structural Steel I-beams. These massive supports, coupled with the thickest standard deck plate on the market, produce an extremely rigid weigh bridge that easily handles the demands of America’s toughest truck scale applications. Extreme or redundant loads won’t cause dimpling or rolling damage found on other so-called heavy-duty truck scales.

Full Scale Capacity:75 tons
Load Cells:4
CLC:120 k

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Models for this Product:
27,  30,  35,  60,  70,  80,  90,  105

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