CAS Enduro Extreme

The CAS Enduro Extreme check weigher scale is ideal for a variety of wash down applications like meat, poultry, seafood processing. With a scale like this you're sure to increase productivity and reduce long term cost of ownership. The Enduro Extreme scale is available in sizes from 10" x 10" to 15" x 15" and maximum weighing capacities from two pounds to two-hundred pounds. From heavy washdown in meat, poultry, and seafood to tough industrial jobs, the CAS Enduro Extreme is the choice of scale professionals. Washdown Checkweigher includes: CAS X320, VAC IP69K and IP68 Washdown Indicator (with RS232 serial output, 3 HIGH INTENSITY colored LEDs for 3 band checkweighing, 1 input, and 3 isolated high side drive outputs, Enduro DXL platform, and integral 12" stainless steel pillar. Capacities: 2 lbs - 200 lbs. Platform sizes: 10" x 10", 12" x 12", and 15" x 15" and the power Cord is 5 ft.

Platform:10 x 10
Capacity:10 x 0.002 lbs
Ship Weight:25 lbs

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Models for this Product:
EX-10002 *,  EX-10005,  EX-10010,  EX-10025,  EX-10050,  EX-12050,  EX-12100,  EX-15050,  EX-15100,  EX-15200

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