A & D FX-iN Legal for Trade Balances

The A & D FX-iN Legal for Trade Balances have the functionality and performance of the FZ-i Series but with external calibration only. As such, seven models of the FX-i are also available in Legal-for-Trade versions.

Capacity x Resolution:
g:320 g x   0.001 g
oz:11.28 oz x   0.00005 oz
lb:0.705 lb x   0.000005 lb
lb-oz:0lb,   11.29oz x   0.01oz
ozt:10.28 ozt x   0.00005 ozt
ct:1600 ct x   0.005 ct
dwt:206.2 dwt x   0.001 dwt
GN:4938 GN x   0.02 GN

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Models for this Product:
FX-120iN,  FX-200iN,  FX-300iN,  FX-1200iN,  FX-2000iN,  FX-3000iN

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