SHIMPO INSTRUMENTS, a division of NIDEC-SHIMPO AMERICA CORPORATION, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of force, torque and speed evaluation instruments and accessories.

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TTC Series Literature

DT-326B Stroboscope Literature

DT-2100 Combination Contact / Non-Contact Tachometer with USB Output Brochure

Hand-Held Contact Tachometer Brochure

CEG-2000 Electric Gauge Brochure

DEG-2000 Electric Gauge Brochure

DAG-2000 Air Gauge Brochure

FT-5000 Air Gauge Brochure

CAG-3000 Air Gauge Brochure

CAG-2000 Air Gauge Brochure

Master Plug Gauge Brochure

Master Ring Gauge Brochure

PA Brochure

PB Brochure

PC Brochure

PKA Brochure

PKB Brochure

PO-POT Brochure

POK Brochure

DT-5TS Economical Panel Indicator Brochure

DT-5TXR Panel Meter Brochure

PT-120 Tachometer Brochure

DT-2100 Contact/Non-Contact Tachometer Brochure

ST320 BL Black Light LED Stroboscope Brochure

ST-329 LED Stroboscopes Brochure

ST-329BL LED Stroboscopes Brochure

DT 365E Stroboscopes Brochure

DT 365 Stroboscope Brochure

ST 1000 Stroboscope-Tachometer Brochure

FG-7000T Digital Torque Gauge Literature

FGS-250W Test Stand Brochure

FGS-100L Manual Test Stand Brochure

FGS-100H Manual Test Stand Brochure

933A Life Cycle Tester Literature

925 Force Distance Tester Brochure

921B Force Displacement Test Station Literature

Mechanical PT Kit Brochure

PT Digital Kits Brochure

FG-7000L Digital Gauge Brochure

DT311J Stroboscope Brochure

TT Series Brochure

DT-725 Stroboscope Brochure

DT-361 Stroboscope Brochure

ST-5000 Stroboscope Tachometer Brochure

DT-315A Stroboscope Brochure

PT110 Series Tachometer Brochure

MT-100 Tachometer Brochure

MT-200 Tachometer Brochure

FGE-HXY Brochure

FG-7000T Digital Gauge Brochure

FG-3000 Digital Gauge Brochure

FGV-HXY Digital Gauge Brochure

MFD Series Mechanical Gauge Brochure

FGS-50S Test Stand Brochure

FGS-VC Test Stand Brochure

FGS-100E Test Stand Brochure

FGS-100PVH/L Motorized Test Stand