Single Column Force Testers Offer Practical and Affordable Force Testing Solutions

Posted on November 1, 2016

Single column force testers today represent the largest single market segment of the force testing marketplace for a number of reasons. Capacities now range from a couple of ounces up to 500 Lbf, with a few models offering capacities up to 1,000 Lbf.

Read more about single column force testers here.

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Product Type::Single Column Testing Systems up to 5kN

Manufacturers::Ametek / Chatillon, Ametek / Lloyd Instruments

Industries::Aerospace & Aviation, Chemical & Petrochemical, Food & Beverage, Laboratory & R&D, Manufacturing, Medical & Pharmaceutical, Plastics & Polymers, Transportation & Logistics

Applications::Young’s Modulus Testing, Puncture Testing, Polymer Testing Solutions, Plastics Testing Solutions, Pharmaceutical Testing Solutions, Peel Strength Testing, Paper and Cardboard Testing Solutions, Packaging Testing Solutions, Modulus of Elasticity Testing, Metals Testing Solutions, Medical Device Testing Solutions, International Standards – Wire, Yarn and Thread, International Standards – Textiles and Fabrics, International Standards – Plastics and Rubber, Quality Control Testing, Research & Development Testing, Rubber Testing Solutions, Wood Testing Solutions, Toughness Testing, Texture Analysis, Textile Testing Solutions, Testing on Large Samples, Tension Testing, Tensile Testing, Tear Strength Testing, Tear Resistance Testing, Stress Relaxation Testing, Spring Testing Solutions, Shear Strength Testing, Rupture Testing, International Standards – Paper and Cardboard, International Standards – Packaging, International Standards – Metals, Ductility Testing, Delamination Strength Testing, Deformation Testing, Crush Resistance Testing, Creep Testing, Cosmetics Testing Solutions, Compression Testing, Coefficient of Friction Testing, Building Material Testing Solutions, Break Strength Testing, Bond Strength Testing, Bending Flexural Testing, Automotive Components Testing Solutions, Durability Testing, Elastic Limit Testing, Electronics Testing Solutions, International Standards – Medical Devices, International Standards – Glass, International Standards – Footware, International Standards – Foams, International Standards – Electrical Components, International Standards – Composites, International Standards – Ceramics, International Standards – Building Products and Construction, International Standards – Adhesives and Sealants, Friction Testing, Food Testing Solutions, Flexural Strength Testing, Elongation Testing, Adhesion Testing

Products::Ametek Adapters, Lloyd Instruments/Ametek EZ50, Lloyd Instruments/Ametek Food Fixtures, Lloyd Instruments/Ametek FT1 Friction Tester, Lloyd Instruments/Ametek Furnaces, Lloyd Instruments/Ametek Long Travel Extensometers, Lloyd Instruments/Ametek LR100KPlus, Lloyd Instruments/Ametek LR10KPlus, Lloyd Instruments/Ametek LR150KPlus, Lloyd Instruments/Ametek LR30KPlus, Lloyd Instruments/Ametek LR50KPlus, Lloyd Instruments/Ametek LR5K Plus Twin Column Bench Mounted, Lloyd Instruments/Ametek LS1 Single Column Bench Mounted, Lloyd Instruments/Ametek LS100KPlus, Lloyd Instruments/Ametek LS2.5 Single Column Extended Travel, Lloyd Instruments/Ametek LS5 Single Column Bench Mounted, Lloyd Instruments/Ametek Pogo System, Lloyd Instruments/Ametek TA1 Texture Analyzer, Lloyd Instruments/Ametek EZ20, Lloyd Instruments/Ametek Deflection Gauge Extensometers, Ametek Bending or Flexural Grips, Ametek Bollard Grips, Ametek Compression Plates, Ametek Eccentric Roller Grips, Ametek Hydraulic Grips, Ametek Peel and Friction Grips, Ametek Pincer Grips, Ametek Pneumatic Grips, Ametek Ribbon and Webbing Grips, Ametek Scissor Grips, Ametek Splinter Shields, Ametek Thread Head Grips, Ametek Vice Grips, Ametek Wedge Grips, Chatillon CS2-1100 Digital Force Tester, Chatillon CS2-225 Digital Force Tester, Lloyd Instruments/Ametek Contacting Extensometers, Lloyd Instruments/Ametek Thermal Cabinets