Choosing Load Cells for Tough Applications White Paper

Posted on December 14, 2020

This white paper explains how to choose a load cell that will operate reliably in hostile environments and rugged
operating conditions.

Load cells are critical components in all weighing systems where they sense the weight of material in weigh hoppers, other vessels, or processing equipment. In some applications, a load cell may be exposed to a hostile environment with corrosive chemicals, heavy dust, high temperatures, or excessive moisture from washing down
equipment with large amounts of liquid. Or the load cell may be exposed to high vibration, unequal loads, or other harsh operating conditions. Such conditions can lead to weighing errors or can even damage the load cell if it
hasn’t been chosen correctly. To select the right load cell for a demanding application, you need a solid understanding of your environment and operating conditions and what load cell features are best for handling them.

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