What’s Trending in Scales and Weighing

Posted on September 14, 2021

NSM has long recognized how important it is to provide users with acumen about their equipment in real time. As our manufacturer Rice Lake Weighing Systems’ Vice President of Heavy Capacity Products Joe Grell states in the Pit & Quarry article “What’s Trending in Scales and Weighing,” “a lot of scale owners view the purchase of a piece of weighing equipment as a liability when, in fact, it’s the device that measures the commodity and allows you to apply a price to that commodity. Without a scale, you can’t do that.”

Grell continues to discuss the Internet of Things which has significantly advanced the capabilities of scale dealers to respond more quickly, enabling said dealers to provide higher levels of service. The IoT also assists with routine scale maintenance and calibration. As Grell says, ““I see that as a real game-changer in the industry. Just like the Ring doorbell is changing home security, taking advantage of the Internet of Things will result in a different way of doing business in the construction materials market.”

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