Profiles of Success – Valerie Miranda

Posted on June 25, 2019

Valerie Miranda has working in Shipping and Receiving at our Houston branch for just under a year, and as she says she’s “so happy to be a part of a great company”. She is responsible for evaluating all shipments that come through via UPS, FedEx or freight. She ensures that all items are accounted for, creates work orders, labels all items and generally keeps everything organized. Valerie is most rewarded by the ability to feel relaxed and not so stressed as her boss consistently reassures her that everything is okay, and all will be done in due time. She is most challenged by not knowing exactly what some items are, but every day she is learning and understanding more about what it is each of the parts do.

Valerie describes herself as quiet, happy and creative. She says that while she has always been quiet and observant, she tends to open up once she gets to know someone. Valerie is always smiling. While nothing exciting may be on her mind, she says “life is too short to be a negative Nancy”. She loves being creative; she even embraces her creativity in her every day work in packaging. She makes sure that everything shipped out is tightly secure in its own unique way, and she believe organizing can be creative too. When she’s not at work, Valerie finds painting to be relaxing. She is mesmerized by the way the colors blend so easily while watching a favorite TV show or listening to music, and this is always excited by seeing her masterpiece. Thanks for all your creativity and organization Valerie; you make our lives so much easier, and we love seeing you smile every day!

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