Updated Name and Logo

Posted on November 4, 2011

You may have noticed that our company name and logo have changed. Nicol Scales is proud to now be Nicol Scales & Measurement. Just as our new logo updates and improves our old logo, our product, service and calibration capabilities to serve our customers better have improved as well.

Nicol Scales & Measurement is still an organization that specializes in providing repair, calibration and sales solutions for all types of scales, load cells and weighing devices, just like we have been since 1931. Additionally, we have added to our ISO 17025 scope of calibration, and we can now calibrate and service a wide variety of metrology and measurement devices as well. Plus, we have grown our force measurement and material testing capabilities so that we are able to offer complete, turnkey solutions utilizing in-house resources. With our core value being continuous improvement, we will continue to add to our product, calibration and service capabilities as we identify new opportunities where we can provide an excellent service or product at a fair price while providing outstanding customer service.

It’s an exciting time of growth for Nicol Scales & Measurement, and we look forward to helping your organization grow by providing you with a “Solution to Measure by”.